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Carousel Inn - no continental breakfast for now


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  • News Carousel Inn - no continental breakfast for now

    Just as an FYI, I was at the Carousel Inn from April 23- 26 and they no longer offer the continental breakfast. They're not sure when they're bringing it back. I know a lot of people factor this in their decision of wheret to say, as it saves them the cost of one meal for their family each day, so I thought I'd give a heads up.

    They do offer vouchers for the pizza place next door which offers two types of boxed breakfasts - one is a bagel w/cream cheese, an egg and some grapes, the other is pita chips w/hummus, grapes and cheese. That's it. If you aren't interested in either of those options you have to go someplace else. For beverages they have coffee and/or water.

    If bagels and cream cheese are what you'd eat anyway this will work out well for you, but if you want cereal or oatmeal or some other type of pastry you'll need to select another hotel for now.

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    Re: Carousel Inn - no continental breakfast for now

    Um.... hope this isn't the beginning of a trend and that more places don't get rid of what breakfasts they have....

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      Re: Carousel Inn - no continental breakfast for now

      Well, doggoneit! We'll be there in June and partly picked this place because 1) I've stayed there before and 2) they offered (at least) a minimal breakfast. Oh well.... guess we'll either take the alternative offer OR visit the neighboring establishments (or bite the bullet and eat onsite!)

      Thanks for the FYI. I'll share with the rest of our group.

      On the bright side... we're very much looking forward to our 4 days at DL!

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