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Earl of Sandwich--Not so good.


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  • [Review] Earl of Sandwich--Not so good.

    Howdy all.

    Had a chance to eat at Earl of Sandwich last week on our trip and now regret ever doing so. First thing that left a poor taste in our mouths is they have no nutritional information for the food. I asked if they had a print out and they said "try the website" I told them I had and there was nothing there. They called a manager and she said they don't provide nutritional information and turned and left. Not a sorry sir or anything, just turned and left.

    I had a salad and it was the blandest I have ever tasted. My wife and son had a sandwich and both said that subway, quiznos and anyone else that toasts a sub have tastier food.

    Maybe you have had a better experience but our was very poor and wont return.

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    Re: Earl of Sandwich--Not so good.

    Hmm, sorry you had a bad time there. I love the place...affordable, good service and a 15% AAA discount. Been there 4 times and I'll be back.

    I think since they have less than 20 locations in California, they don't have to provide nutritional value. Doesn't mean the lady had to be snippy though.


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      Re: Earl of Sandwich--Not so good.

      I concur with the above.... if they don't have enough locations in California, they do not have to give out nutritional information. So you can't really hold that against them. Annoying, but not legally wrong on their end.

      That said, I personally have always found the place overrated. The food is okay, not great. I never really understood the long lines for the place. It does have a hip vibe for a sandwich place, but at the end of the day, it just doesn't impress me.
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        Re: Earl of Sandwich--Not so good.

        The one time we went last year, and it was not busy (no line), they only added two little pieces of beef on the Montagu. Had to return the sandwich and complain about the missing meat to which the manager reluctantly did add a little more meat, but nothing that remotely looks like:
        Click image for larger version

Name:	13-eos-0342_newmenuimagesforweb_800x616_sandwiches_fullmontagu.jpg
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        Of course I was not expecting the product to look like the photo, it should be somewhat representative of what you will receive. Highly disappointed and greatly overrated. Everyone around us bought 2 sandwiches because they were so small.


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          Re: Earl of Sandwich--Not so good.

          Bummer. I was hoping to try it out this month.
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            Re: Earl of Sandwich--Not so good.

            Originally posted by Last Halloween View Post
            Bummer. I was hoping to try it out this month.
            I would still try them. I really enjoy them and they offer good discounts with AAA.
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              Re: Earl of Sandwich--Not so good.

              I'm surprised they didn't at least have allergen information - AFAIK food manufacturers/restaurants are always obligated to disclose the presence of the top 8 allergens even if they don't have to disclose full nutritional information (FYI those are peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, shellfish, milk and fish).

              I'm still missing the Compass Bookstore so I don't even want to try Earl of Sandwich...but even if I did, I don't think I could ever justify waiting in a line that long just for a sandwich.
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