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  • Last Minute New Year's Eve

    Hi All. Looking to experts for some advise. I want to go to DL for my son's 7th b-day on 12/31. I'm trying to make up for trip last year that got canceled due to a family illness and death. Anyway, these are my questions to try and salvage this trip my kids deserve.

    1. I want to DL on 12/31, 1/1 and 1/2.
    2. Want to have my son get a star on his birthday and maybe get selected to pull the sword from the stone.
    3. Being at park at midnight not a priority, but would like a hotel (moderate price, but nice, with fridge & micro?) that allows us to see fireworks. Understand at whim of last minute cancellations.
    4. Thinking about a 3-day park hopper: 12/31 at DL; 1/1 at CGA; 1/2 at DL again.
    5. Should I hold out for last minute cancellations at better hotels/motels or book at lesser to guarantee trip.
    6. Any suggestions welcomed.

    Your advise is greatly appreciated. NCC

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    Re: Last Minute New Year's Eve

    Thanks for moving to appropriate forum Dustysage. NCC


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      Re: Last Minute New Year's Eve

      New Year's is a very busy time at the resort. New Year's Even in particular can be so crowded that the gates close in the early afternoon for Disneyland. I think that last year they had to close the gates to both Disneyland and DCA on New Year's Eve.

      However, you can still have a great time if you aren't fixated on getting lots of rides done.

      Good luck and let us know what you end up doing.

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        Re: Last Minute New Year's Eve

        We stayed at the Paradise Pier & even though we didn't have a fireworks view from our room, we walked around to the other side of our floor and had a great shot. The PPH is usually less expensive than the other hotels on property and we've liked it a lot. As for micro/fridge, I can't remember if we had that or not, so you'd have to call to check. I would think rooms will book quickly for NYE, so I'd recommend getting a room sooner rather than later. Hope this helps!


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          Re: Last Minute New Year's Eve

          Thanks for the reply all. Dusty you mentioned bringing in your own food, I thought you couldn't do that? My son, who is going to be Luke Skywalker for Halloween says that he is too shy for the Jedi training, but he might be willing to do the Sword and Stone if his sister comes up. Makes me wonder why I'm even trying to go on his b-day, but just hoping the wonder of it all just takes over, only as DL can do. I'll keep you posted. NCC


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