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How is the Anaheim Hilton?


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    Re: How is the Anaheim Hilton?

    My family and I used to stay there all the time. It was a nice hotel, but nothing like the Disney ones!
    Trips to Disneyland:

    *Countless trips before 2001!!
    *April 2001-Disneyland Hotel
    *Sept. 2001-Disneyland Hotel
    *April 2002-Anabella Hotel
    *July 2002-Anaheim Hilton
    *March/April 2003-Grand Californian
    *April 2004-Grand Californian
    *November 2004-Disneyland Hotel
    *June 2005-Radisson Maingate
    *September 2005-Paradise Pier

    Trips to Walt Disney World:

    *March 2007-All Star Movies
    *Sept./Oct. 2007-Port Orlean's Riverside
    *Next Trip-----Feb. 2009?


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      Re: How is the Anaheim Hilton?

      Originally posted by Rainbow Dash View Post
      My family and I used to stay there all the time. It was a nice hotel, but nothing like the Disney ones!
      But you can't get the Disney ones for $50 a night! ha! The rest of the dough we spent on having a great time and buying AP's!


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        Re: How is the Anaheim Hilton?

        Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but man I hated the Hilton!

        The man and I stayed there once because I thought I got a good deal on for $80 (but reading all the posts makes me think I should have used Priceline!). Boy solo and I are very broke college students so the fact that we shelled out $80/night plus $11/day parking was absurd! We were so displeased with the parking lot and fee. Then to save some money we had to take ART, which wasn't as bad as every one has been saying, IMO. But still that was more money! The lobby was pretty, but our room view was of an outside patio and there was some convention so every time I looked out my window I felt like a creeper. We ended up needing a room for an extra night because a friend flaked on us, but then they had no rooms for us for one extra night (which is PROBABLY bs, and oh well it would have cost us like $100-something for an extra night). So we looked around for a hotel and found the Comfort Inn off Harbor and found that place to be much better. The bathroom was bigger and the room even smelt better.

        I will never stay again and since it was my first time at a Hilton, I was very disappointed.

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          Re: How is the Anaheim Hilton?

          Thank you all for the posts regarding this hotel. We just pricelined and got it for 50 a night which is awesome. We have payed more for ghetto hotels in the area more than once. We recently discovered Priceline, we just got a doubletree for 65 bucks a few weeks back, we can't complain. I mean come on a double tree with that soft squishy dream bed at 65! Truly enjoyable and the yummy cookie!

          These prices at actually decent hotels allow us to get more Disney for our buck. I have seen folk complaining and you pay 50-60 bucks a night and get a better hotel? really? where! tell me! Your only there to sleep

          I too am a Hilton Honors member and I have a couple k spare points sitting there (almost a full room for free but not quite lol), I spoke with them today about it and they said it means nothing when pricelined like said before. Which makes sense I guess.

          I asked if I could upgrade with my points, they said you can't. They also said to call the day before my trip to try and get a better room/view. I was almost tempted to just cancel the hotel and book it using the hilton site, but is that worth the extra 100+ a night. I would really like a good view. But it's the price you pay for the discount.

          I hope I get lucky and try to get a good room with a good view. Any suggestions?


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            Re: How is the Anaheim Hilton?

            We're staying there next weekend... let me know how it goes!

            To live would be an awfully big adventure.


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              Re: How is the Anaheim Hilton?

              I'm staying at the Hilton next weekend as well! I know it'll be super busy, because of the show at the Convention Center, but I'm hoping that we'll still get a decent room.

              EDIT: Stayed here, had no problem getting a room with 2 doubles, and it was fine. Clean room, water pressure in the shower's pretty good. The parking fee is LAME!!! My gosh. In the future I would only stay here if I didn't have a car with me. Also, the prices at the Starbucks in the lobby are through the roof! Grande latte with soy = $5.75?! I know the look on my face when the cashier said that must have been priceless.
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