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Motel 6 Maingate Review


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  • Motel 6 Maingate Review

    Recently stayed 4 days at the Motel 6 Maingate on Disney Way. This would be my 4th different hotel on Disneyland trips in 2016, and I have to say that it is average in pretty much every sense of the word.

    We (my girlfriend and I) were traveling to Anaheim from Flagstaff, AZ for me (a competitive distance runner) to compete at the Mt. SAC relays taking place in close by Cerritos, CA. We're DL AP holders and are always traveling on a fairly tight budget, as she's still a student and I'm a competitive distance runner (not the most lucrative of careers). We've stayed at a few different hotels in the area, and were interested in what the Motel 6 was going to offer, since we got a pretty good deal on it (~$80/night).

    We got into Anaheim around 9pm, and right off the bat we got off to a bad start. As I was waiting for check-in, a woman was at the desk loudly complaining about enormous cockroaches flying around her room and resting in her daughters crib. Since we were just told we had a 1st floor room (like this woman had), I had some trepidation about the size of the bugs that would be flying around our room. I tried to switch rooms, but since they were completely booked up, they would not change our reservation.

    Luckily, upon a very close inspection of our accommodations, there were no cockroaches to be found and everything seemed clean.

    The room itself was fairly underwhelming, which is not surprising for a Motel 6. One thing that we were appreciative of was the fact that the floors were not carpeted and were some kind of laminate. I feel like that flooring HAS to be easier to clean then carpet, and it definitely eases some of my fears of staying in a Motel 6.

    The room was fairly sizable, as we were given a handicapped accessible room, but was definitely lacking in furnishings. It had one chair, a nightstand, a small desk, a TV stand, and a TV. I never expect much when staying in a Motel 6, but I had stayed in one in San Diego recently and at least had one other chair and a sizable table as well. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal, but we tend to pack A TON of food for long weekend trips, and we were certainly lacking in space. Maybe for $80/night I'm being a little picky. Also, on the topic of the amount of food we pack, we like to check if there's a space to keep the food or somewhere to at least heat it up. Upon booking, the website said you could request a microwave and/or fridge in your room for an extra nightly fee, but when calling the front desk a few weeks out, they had absolutely NO idea what I was talking about, and on that particular call, they were a little rude ( I must have been calling on a bad day).

    Overall I'd have to rate my Motel 6 stay as very average, and on a scale of 1-10, I'd rate it as about a 6. We never had any issues with noise, or bugs (thankfully!), the staff was very friendly, and we got a great rate. Every other hotel I had checked out that weekend was typically at the $125 range.

    Would I stay there again? Unless they were advertising a SMOKING deal, probably not. It was quite the haul to and from the parks, the room was not terribly well appointed, and I think I'd rather pay the extra $20/night to stay somewhere closer or nicer. I don't mind the walk if it's a nice room, and on the other side of things, I don't mind basic for a short walk.

    Here are my current rankings for Disneyland Hotels that we've stayed in thus far. This is my first posted review, so I haven't reviewed any of the others in detail. I will be staying at the Ramada Plaza Anaheim in a few weeks, and will post a review w/ pictures after my stay!

    1.) Holiday Inn and Suites on Walnut (nice room, under $100, quiet- albeit long- walk)
    2.) Eden Roc (good price, relatively recent refurb)
    3.) Quality Inn and Suites on Manchester (breakfast, quaint, easy walk, microwave & fridge)
    4.) Motel 6 Maingate

    Please post comments, questions, or suggestions for me! I'm new to the community, but excited to get involved!!

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    I have never used Motel 6 for anything more than a place to sleep and to shower for one night, two at most. I would not use it for a 4-day stay, or for anything I had actual NEEDS for, like you did for your food. I would never have expected Motel 6 to have microwaves or refrigerators. They barely have toiletries.

    I think it's worth it to pay a little extra for things you know will matter to you. For me, budgeting for meals matters a lot, so a place that has complimentary breakfast is a big plus. I will always fill up on breakfast, and also make sure I grab some extra fruit and/or muffins to have later in the day. Snacking at Disneyland can get expensive very quickly, and I am not always in a position to go to a store to stock up on healthier snacks. Other things that matter are proximity to the park (if I don't have a car), free parking (if I do have a car), a fridge (for the aforementioned snacks I freely steal from the breakfast bar), and hopefully free WiFi. It ultimately costs more in stress and time to find ways to make up for things I realize I need every time I travel.


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