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DLR/DCA one day during Peak Season- Looking for help


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  • kellystarr
    What are your must-dos in Disneyland?

    The early-morning time is likely to be your most productive part of the day, so I would spend it wisely. If Soarin and World of Color are your must-dos (between both parks) I'd do those first. Otherwise, if you have a big list of Disneyland must-dos, do those first. Enjoy a morning in Disneyland.

    Worst case scenario, in the afternoon you could do Soarin if they are all "sold out" of fastpasses - just suck it up and wait the 2 hours. By then, most things are going to have a long wait anyways, so at least you're not wasting time, and Soarin's line is mostly shady/indoors so it wouldn't be the worst long-wait ride. Hopefully, though, you could grab a late-night fastpass there.

    I'm not super familiar with doing World of Color, but I am guessing they will quite possibly have a couple shows, and I don't think World of Color gets so horribly crowded or hard to view. Of course, the dining package may be nice, but I don't think DCA turns into quite the nighttime zoo that Disneyland does.

    So you could do:
    - morning at Disneyland (get there early early before park opening and make use of early entry if you have it!)
    - lunchtime head to DCA and do Soarin stand-by or at least get late-night fastpasses if still available by then
    - afternoon shows, rest, quick rides, walk around
    - evening do WOC, use Soarin fastpass if you were able to get one

    Alternatively, you could go get a Soarin fastpass very first thing, or just ride it as you walkup (at park opening). but, like other poster said, if you have early admission to Disneyland, and you have more to do there, I think that's a better option to use the early morning hours at Disneyland.

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  • theatremouse
    To truly maximize, I would not hop in the morning. The least busy time will almost definitely be first thing in the morning. If you're staying at the Disneyland Hotel and going on a Saturday you'll have early entry to Disneyland. Do as much as possible in Disneyland in the morning. Then maybe noon go to DCA; depending on the wait either do Soarin or get a FP. It's hard to gauge since they'll have the new one in by then, so that might spike the lines, but I'm guessing if you're there at noon you'll be able to get a FP for later in the day still. You should also be able to get a FP for WoC at that point. I doubt both will be fully distributed by then. You shouldn't need to do the dining package, unless you have your heart set on that viewing area. Then you can either do more stuff in DCA until your respective return times, or if there's nothing else in DCA you care about, hop back again. Still, in my experience I feel like every time I hop I basically kill 45 minutes. So to really maximize your time, hop as little as possible. That's how I'd gameplan it if I were doing it.

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  • DLR/DCA one day during Peak Season- Looking for help

    Hey guys,
    Long time lurker, first time poster here at MiceChat.

    Long story short, I am coming to southern California for a birthday trip this summer. I get one full day that I can spend in DLR and/or DCA. I'll be staying at the Disneyland Hotel the night before (but won't arrive early enough that it makes sense to get into the parks that night) and will be staying the night after my day in the parks, but have to leave first thing the next morning. My day for the parks is a Saturday in July. I know, I know, time is working against me. It will be crowded.

    The ONLY things I care about doing in DCA are Soarin' Around the World and World of Color, and possibly meeting Oswald if he's still around. I don't care about Carsland or anything else. They aren't on my must-do list.

    I am used to Walt Disney World's way of reserving fast passes online, but am familiar enough with the paper fastpasses (been to DLR/DCA once before, and old school WDW ones) to know how they work.

    I want to maximize my time in DLR. Does it make sense to go to DCA first thing in the AM, get fastpasses for WoC and ride Soarin' and then head back to DLR? Does it make more sense to get a dining reservation for WoC? (I was hoping to avoid that.) Or, because it's peak season, should I assume there will be multiple showings of WoC and assume I'll be able to make it for the later show and just start at DLR? Or, is this insane because I have only one day and I should just give up my dreams of getting over to DCA?

    How can I best maximize my time? Is this possible?
    Any suggestions would be most welcome!

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