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Planing Disney vacations with kids


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  • [Travel Planning] Planing Disney vacations with kids

    I'm planning my next vacation with my husband and two kids, this will be their first time at Disneyland. Are there any suggestions to choose the best hotel for my kids?
    They are 3 and 5 years, you know the best rides that they will enjoy?
    I already found an airport shuttle that offers car seats for my kids, and i know that I can bring them their own snacks. Any other recommendations out there? It will be very much appreciated.

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    What's your price range for a hotel? Do you want to stay onsite or off? Onsite, any of the hotels are great, though I prefer PPH or DLH for kids. Offsite, my kids really enjoy HOJO. The pirate themed water play area is a huge hit and the beds are really comfortable. If you have more money in your budget, the Courtyard Anaheim Theme Park Entrance is also very nice. Every room has bunk beds (but it's almost as expensive as PPH).

    They will probably enjoy all kinds of rides. My kids are 6, 2, and 2. They all enjoy Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, Jungle Cruise, It's a Small World, and the carousel, among others. Autopia is a hit with my oldest and he's been riding since he was 3. Are you doing both parks? If so, check out Bug's Land for the little one, Radiator Springs Racers for the oldest (and the younger if tall enough), Mater's Junkyard, Little Mermaid, Monster's Inc., and Grizzly River Run (possibly just for the older one depending on height). Honestly, every kid is different. Show them some youtube videos to give them ideas of what they may want to ride. And beware the classic dark rides. They're a lot scarier than you'd think.

    In addition to snacks, consider some form of entertainment for waiting in line. My 6-year-old likes some of the activities from a book called "Lots to do in Line: Disneyland". My little ones prefer just looking around, but we have our phones loaded up with a few movies they like in case the wait gets to be too much. If you do this, bring a portable charger. Batteries die quickly at Disneyland.


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      We took our three boys to Disneyland for the first time last February. They were 6, 3, and 1. The younger ones loved the Teacups, Dumbo, Casey Jr., Storybook Boats, Nemo Submarines, Astro Orbitor, Buzz Lightyear, and the Tiki Room. They both cried on Pirates and Mr. Toad's, so we skipped the rest of the Fantasyland dark rides. Our 6 year old rode every single ride and loved them all. We prepped them with online pictures of the rides and talked a lot about how the rides were all for fun, had just "pretend" things to make it exciting, and that they would always be safe. That made a huge difference for especially our oldest, and he was game to try them all. To help with waiting in line I always had bubbles and various Disney/Star Wars fruit snacks (I would make them figure out which character it was before they could eat each was a great time killer). Make sure to utilize the rider switch program if there's a ride the younger child can't's such a fantastic help!


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