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Mid-February Trip planned - but maybe we need to re-schedule!


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  • Mid-February Trip planned - but maybe we need to re-schedule!

    I haven't been to DL for 3 years, and I'm dying to go back. I've planned a trip for mid February, mainly because it's cooler and that's necessary for my daughter, who's rare disease has to wear long sleeves, gloves, and a face shielding hat in the sun. (See

    We've been so excited...until some recent announcements:

    1. Paint the Night will be gone.
    2. Pixar Play Parade will be gone.
    3. Pirates is likely to be closed.
    4. The only fireworks show is likely "Fantasy in the Sky"
    5. Tower of Terror will be closed.

    Anyone know if Space Mountain will still be Hyperspace Mountain?

    I wish we could wait and go in July or August, but it's just not possible for us.

    There are still some plusses:

    Haven't seen Frozen
    Haven't seen Mickey's Magical Map
    The weather will be cooler

    So...can you guys help me feel better about still going in mid-Feb? Or should I re-schedule?


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    Definitely don't reschedule! We took our three young boys last February and it was fantastic! The weather was awesome and we didn't wait longer than 15 minutes for a single ride. Try not to fixate on the handful of things that you won't see/ride (I am guilty of this too!) and realize that what you do see/ride you will enjoy so much more because of smaller crowds, shorter lines, and cooler temps. I feel Disneyland is much more kid-friendly and magical in the want to stop and greet every character on your walk from Buzz to Splash Mountain and stop to see the ducks, too? No problem..we'll be able to walk right on anyway!

    We missed out on It's A Small World, Jungle Cruise, and Soarin,' because of refurbishments. Now my kids are super excited to go back in the future and experience those for the first time. And when we go back I'm sure another set of rides will be closed, but for us it's definitely worth the trade-off.


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      I definitely hope hyperspace goes away soon. Im not a fan. And only did it maybe twice.

      I'm definitely planning a trip before the ToT goes through its ridiculous change.

      Hope you can make it for the holiday season! I love going in December
      KA CHOW


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        We decided to move our trip to Feb 1-4. This way, we get to do IASW, Jungle Cruise, and Pirates. Plus, we'll have the MSEP and Remember fireworks show. I can't wait!


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          I too have been away for 3 years and am planning a trip in mid February. The biggest bummers for me are the closures of POTC, the Mark Twain (I still don't have my captain certificate), and the Disneyland Railroad.

          This is was the year I wanted to check off a ride on the Lily Belle from my bucket list.

          Instead, I'm focusing on all the NEW things we will see this year.

          It it will be my first time ever staying on property. Also a first time for my mom and my son... so 3 generations staying onsite for the first time will be extra special.

          I havent seen the Star Wars overlay of SM and I'm super duper jazzed to get a picture with Chewbacca if all works according to plan.

          Im also really excited to see the MSEP within its first month of its homecoming.

          No matter the disappointment at several of our favorites being down, we will still enjoy the new things.

          Also on the list of new stuff to try: cocktails at Trader Sam's, character dining, building custom light sabers, and exploring a completed Buena Vista street. ❤

          For those of you that are curious about my wedding:


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