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which hotel would you stay at?


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  • which hotel would you stay at?

    We are planning a 2 night trip down to Disneyland next week, so i have been staring at travelsites for 3 days narrowing down where we want to stay, and I'm down to 3 options, and want to see anyone's experiences with any of my choices.
    1. La Quinta (good reviews of the breakfast and indoor pool)
    2. Comfort Inn Maingate (good breakfast and newly-renovated heated pool)
    3. Vagabond Inn
    I picked these three based on
    1. Kids suite for under $100 (we have 3 kids so most standard rooms are out of the question, and we like a little quality time once they are asleep)
    2. Short drive to Timon lot. With 2 adults, its actually cheaper to drive (and i don't like the stories of waiting for the shuttles)
    3. Fridge and microwave in the room, so we won't have to buy dinner in the park

    So if anyone can give me some feedback on any of the aboive, I'd appriciate it.
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    Re: which hotel would you stay at?

    To me, if I'm going to have to go back to the room a number of times throughout the day, I'd pick one that is large, possibly with a separate bedroom/living room arrangement, with a fridge/micro. That way you can keep some small groceries there for snacking and such, and be comfortable enough that you aren't watching t.v. sitting on your bed.

    Sorry I don't have any feedback for the 3 you selected. But if I were to choose I'd probably pick the Comfort Inn.


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      Re: which hotel would you stay at?

      We like Homewood Suites because it has a full kitchen WITH utensils, plates, glasses, etc. And, it also has a full size fridge, 2 stovetop burners, microwave and a living room (with sleeper sofa) and a bedroom which you can get 2 queen beds. We got it last November for $116 a night, which is a great rate for what you get. They also have free internet in the lobby. They have 2 computers, with internet, that you can use and it's FREE.


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        Re: which hotel would you stay at?

        The desert inn has some rooms that are sometimes reasonably priced depends when your going. They have two different options

        1. They have two rooms where they just have a connecting door.
        2. They have two rooms but there is only one door to get out of both rooms.

        I know thats not really what you were looking for but its another option because its right there near the cross walk to get to Disneyland.
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          Re: which hotel would you stay at?

          Which one did you end up staying at and what was the deciding factor(s)?

          BTW, I'm the GM at Comfort Inn Maingate

          If you didn't choose us, though it's too late now, I'm just curious what I may had been able to provide to had influenced your decision.


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            Re: which hotel would you stay at?

            FYI, the Timon parking lot is not always open, many times you can be rerouted to the Simba Lot, which is a walk of about a 1 mile without Tram service (you walk from the back of the PPH through Downtown Disney to get to the gates) or sent to the Mickey and Friends parking structure. If it is a peak day, there is a chance you might get parked at Timon, but there are times when they have it closed off for a private event.
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