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First Time at Disneyland and Need Help Planning


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  • [Travel Planning] First Time at Disneyland and Need Help Planning

    My family is going to California over the summer the week of July 4th, (I know, super busy time) and my sister and I are going to Disneyland for one day. We've been to WDW numerous times but never Disneyland. Would love to know the best place to eat (that aren't extremely expensive since my sister and I are teens with only part-time jobs, and are paying for everything ourselves), which rides we need to fastpass, how the paper fastpass system works as opposed to the electronic one at WDW, and where my parents can drop us off/pick us up. I know this is really far off but we're super excited and would really like to be prepared!

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    The drop off/pick up right is on Harbor. I do suggest if its really super busy to meet up at McDonald's across the street. The drop off/pick up spot can get pretty crazy at certain times of the day and some people don't follow the rules when waiting to pick people up so they sit there for long periods of well as don't always move up to make room for more to get in. My husband drops us off and picks us up so this is how we usually do it and it makes it easier. There are many options on food that should be good for your budget. Corn Dogs are big there and really good. Check out and it will give you the options for food and prices. Depending on what you like for rides, I would suggest hitting Splash first for FP then Space, Star Tours, Indy, and Big Thunder. Splash does also offer single rider if you don't mind going being the chance of being separated. Which if you don't mind doing that you can also do single rider on Matterhorn as well. The paper FP is easy to use. You go to the machines and just put your ticket in. There will be a time on the very bottom of the FP telling you when you can get your next FP. You can only hold one at a time and you need to return during your time on the FP. I would suggest you girls get together and decide on your must do rides so that way you don't miss out on what you both want to do and the rest can come after or in between getting those done. Make sure to bring sunscreen and stay hydrated during your trip as well. Have fun!!!
    A crowded day at Disneyland beats a busy day of housework!!

    According to my princess, its not Star Wars land its "You stole my goats away from me!! progress land"


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      * I second the mcdonalds for pick-up, though it is a few blocks north of the crosswalk that you use when leaving disneyland.

      * you will want to visit Disneyland on Wednesday, because the days with T are early hour entry which you will not have and on this particular week, consider yourself two hours behind when you enter the gate if yo do so on Tudesday or Thursday.

      *you will want to be at the gate an hour before opening, the later you arrive, the lower you will need to make of your expectations.

      * Create a list of non-WDW attractions that you want to do and come back here with that list and we can help you arrange your schedule.

      * as a first time visitor FAst pass will not work to your advantage if you are going to wander all over the park.

      * berry princess is right-on with her suggestions , the only exception I take is FP splash, then FP star tours for first time visitors is not a good use of time.. i would stay on the west side of the park and Fast pass that area and then single rider tomorrowland.

      * crowded, it will be crowded, With Monday tuesday being unmanageable for first time visitors, Wednesday be manageable. Thursday/Friday okay for WDW vets, weekends? well at least you can say you were there.


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        Thanks to both of you! I'll be sure to keep the McDonald's in mind. And Wednesday not being the extra magic hours thing really helps since we were figuring which day to go!
        Originally posted by laferney Road kid View Post
        * Create a list of non-WDW attractions that you want to do and come back here with that list and we can help you arrange your schedule.
        Definitely the Matterhorn and Carsland (we're getting hopper tickets)! We also wanted to check out Mr.Toad and the DL versions of Pirates, Thunder Mountain, and Small World. And I know it's a WDW ride but Star Tours is on our list as well.

        I know we'll skip Splash becuase both of us don't like the drops (and I'm thinking we'll skip Indiana Jones for the same reason).

        If Space Mountain has a single rider line I'll do that one by myself. We're on the edge about whether to do the river rapids too.

        Thanks for the website Berry Princess! Will definitely be using it.
        Thank ya'll so much for your help!


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          8:00 opening you will need to be in front of the gate at 7:00. This will allow you more time to see Main street before the rope drop. The gate will open onto a rope drop because entrance is very cumbersome. The folks around you who have multi-day tickets may be criminals, so they photograph folks holding those type of tickets. As a result, they have to open the gate early onto a rope drop at the end of Main street. don't worry about being in the front up close, because you are not taking advantage of the rope drop as you are on a timed plan

          walk east of the hub, which if you are facing the castle is you right, that is the entrance to tomorrowland gather your Star Tours fastpass. If that fast passis 30-45 min return, then go ride Mr Toad. if it is an hour return, then go ride matterhorn, if the sign on your wait of matterhorn is longer than 40 mins, then go single rider on Matterhorn. Wait and rider time should be an hour for matterhorn.

          ride start tours and then complete Toad or matterhorn.

          It is now 10;00, you need to leave Disneyuland and travel over to Carsland to secure fastpass for RSR. that time should be 1:30 to 3:00. so it is now 10;45 and time to explore Carsland, Bugsland, GRR and little mermaid and eat.

          3:00, if RSR does not break and down and there will be a 65% of doing so during your visit, RSR is completed, you head back into Disneyland and pick up Thunder Mountain fastpass and then jump in line for pirates and then eat. I am thinking that Thunder fast pass will be 7:00. EXplore the area until that fastpass time.. Hopefully you will be able to avoid parades and be able to work your way over to Small world, wait in line and see the lights in the dark. 9:00 will be the time to consider Space mountain as single rider.


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