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Average cost of your Disney Vacation?


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  • Average cost of your Disney Vacation?

    We just got back from a great trip to Disneyland in March, 2017. It was our first time for all of us and my two children (aged 5, 7) loved it. I have read a bit of the forum an am curious how everyone's average cost was for their trips?

    We stayed at Disneyland Hotel and had 5 day pass. It was $5k initially, excluding in the park costs like souvenirs and food and airfare, likely $8-9k when all said and done. Not knowing better, the trip gave us wonderful memories and with PhotoPass we were able to take full advantage of the memories that will stay with us forever. We are now eager to try DisneyWorld next year or two, but are a little leary of the costs. Has Disneyland and DisneyWorld gotten to the point where you have to spend an average of $5k for out-of-towners? Not knowing about lines, we came to expect 1-2 hour waits for lines for attractions. To hear friends who went years ago say that they would only wait 30 minutes at the most was a bit unbelievable for Being Disney "virgins" helped us mentally, since we didn't know better regarding the wait times.

    To hear others question whether spending the kind of money we spent, makes us wonder if there is a way to have to the joy and fun of Disney without feeling "ripped off"...However, if the reality is that the average Disney week trip will likely cost between $5-10K is the reality - then one can only accept the facts. It does make one wonder, how families are able to not go into debt to afford periodic trips to Disney...

    If the moderators could produce a spreadsheet (the nerd in me loves these) that could be updated by members with their trip expenses, over time everyone will be able to see the pricing/cost trends. I think future planners will be able to plan trips that are magical and save some money. Thank you for any of your input.

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    We come from Washington State, and last month we stayed at a hotel on Harbor (closer than the Disneyland Hotel), had a 4 day park-hopper pass, and for airfare, hotel and park pass it was under $900 per person for two people. For more people, the per-person cost would go down as you could all stay in one hotel room. Our friends went with us last year, and for their family of four, it was just under $3k for all costs except food/souvenirs. You can stay onsite in Disney World at an economy hotel for not a ton, the biggest expense would be airfare.


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      We have traveled from Washington state to Disneyland once a year for the past 3 years. We set aside $6,000 for each trip and put it into a separate account. For us a $6,000 budget requires us to be frugal and smart with our spending, but not to the level of penny-pinching. We reserve lodging and rental car and as early as 11 months in advance and have scored great deals. We choose to stay off property and look for cheaper accommodations. Southwest flights for us are around $99 each way, so that helps the budget stretch as well.

      Here's our budget separated into categories for our family of 2 adults and 3 young kids.

      Airfare: $1200
      Car Rental: $300
      Lodging: $1700
      5 day Park Hoppers: $1700
      Groceries: $250
      In park food: $600
      Souvenirs: $100
      TOTAL: $5850

      So I think you're in the realistic range of budgets. 😊


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        How did you book your hotel so soon? My wife and I are planning a trip in February and some hotels will let us book now, some won't. Did you go through Disney or do it all separate? We are going to drive down from Eastern Idaho so we will save some money that way, but tickets and hotel alone are almost $2,000