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Walking vs. Lyft from Katella & Disneyland Drive


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  • Walking vs. Lyft from Katella & Disneyland Drive

    I expect to be staying at a hotel on the south side of Katella just west of Disneyland Drive (think BWP Stovall's Inn area). Last visit, you could still cut through the Grand Californian into Downtown Disney without a bag check. Now that the bag checks have moved, is there a simplified way that I could walk to Downtown Disney up Disneyland Drive from Katella to get to the monorail stop? I know the parking garages north of there have bag checks before you get on the tram, but what about walking there from the south end?

    Conversely, what would be the easiest way to walk from the Downtown Disney monorail station to the pedestrian walkway on the west end of Disneyland Drive back toward Katella?

    Or should I just grab a Lyft and take it to the drop-off spot on the west side of Harbor? My thinking was that bag check might be less busy on the Downtown Disney side vs. the east end of the Esplanade, not to mention being able to ride into Tomorrowland versus trying to deal with Main Street during peak hours.

    EDIT: Please note, I am ruling out using the ART shuttle. I used it last year along the same route and it felt like it would be faster to walk due to how infrequent they are, as well as the weird U-turn they take on Walnut to get back on eastbound Katella. They're cheap, but if I'm not walking, I'd prefer to spend slightly more for a nonstop Lyft ride straight to a drop-off spot.

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