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Disneyland Hotel vs Grand Californian and is concierge worth it?


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  • Disneyland Hotel vs Grand Californian and is concierge worth it?

    I will be retiring soon and 8 adults (me, my wife, grown children and their spouses) will be heading to DLR from Oregon. To splurge, we will be staying at either the Disneyland Hotel or Grand Californian. If you've stayed at either or both, which would you say gives you the most "magical" experience. Also, is concierge/club level worth the splurge? Finally, does anyone know if the three bedroom suites have more than one bathroom? Thanks so much for any help you might be able to give!

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    I find the Disneyland Hotel has the more magical experience. The Grand Californian is magical, too, but definitely leans more luxury. I like both hotels equally but for different reasons. The club lounges at both hotels are impressive, but the one at Disneyland Hotel offers the more amazing view. It's my understanding the Grand has had some renovation going on, so it's possible the club lounge there may have been temporarily relocated. You may want to call the hotel to verify this.


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      Been to the DLH twice over the past two years and will gladly go again. DLH has the "magic" nailed if your looking for echoes of the golden age of Disney. GCH has a few elements here and there, but DLH has a pair of friggin classic monorails as water slides! (replicas of course)

      We stayed in a two BR suite last time and it indeed had more than one head, so I can't imagine the 3 BR not having at least two.

      Can't help you on the club level but I can imagine that it's el swanko like the rest of the Hotel. We instead splurged on a private poolside cabana (both stays). Dunno what time of year you're staying but if it's a warm time of year, I'd highly vouch for the cabana.
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        Congrats on your retirement fellow Oregonian.

        I haven't stayed at the GCH in about 13 years...but my last two trips (the last one a month ago) were both spent at DLH. I prefer it because of the nostalgia feeling I personally get from it. But I can't complain about my time spent at the GCH either. You pry won't be disappointed with whatever you choose. A friend of a friend recommends the concierge level every time...says it's worth it, yet I still haven't splurged. My next trip will be basically I am no help. Buuut, you're at I'm guessing you'll be happy with either choice.


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