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Candy Cane vs Tropicana


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  • [Hotel] Candy Cane vs Tropicana

    We used to have APs and visit several times per year, but are now occasional visitors. We haven't been in 2 years as of October. We were fortunate to go to WDW the last 2 summers, but miss our home park! We are planning a visit over Columbus Day weekend. I had booked rooms at the Candy Cane Inn, where we always stay and also at the Tropicana. I can't decide which one we should choose. The cost difference is about $140 total. The Candy Cane Inn has a pretty decent breakfast and has a dedicated shuttle, but it is a pain to time comings and goings to match the shuttle schedule. The room I booked at the Candy Cane is larger. We have 2 teenaged boys, so bigger rooms are nice. However, the last few times we stayed at the Candy Cane, it seemed to have gone downhill a little bit service-wise.

    I have never stayed at the Tropicana. It is cheaper, but there's no breakfast. I can bring my own coffee and some breakfast snacks to tide us over. We have to pay for parking, but valet parking is the same price as self parking. We have a relatively new truck and I don't want to have to park where someone is going to ding my door. I know Candy Cane parking is tight and I imagine Tropicana is, too, but valet may be a safer option. I also like not having to wait on a shuttle. The Candy Cane has always been our go-to, but maybe it's time to try something new.

    I am so excited to come back to Disneyland at Halloween time. Help me choose a place to stay.
    :ap: I'd rather be at Disneyland!

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    Personally, if you've noticed a decline at the Candy Cane Inn I'd go with the Tropicana, because the service is what would usually lean me in CCI's favour.

    Location wise the Tropicana is hard to beat and I found the staff to be really lovely. We love being able to just walk back across whenever we need a little break, rather than having to time buses. If room size concerns you, on one of our stays they put us in a room at the back of the property. It was bit larger than their standard rooms, and the layout of door and windows was less like a motel and more like a hotel. I can't remember the room number I'm afraid, but even with it being at the back corner of the property it was still a very quick walk to the parks. I will say, the rooms aren't as bright or as pleasant as the Candy Cane Inn, but any time we've stayed there we found it to be clean.

    To confuse you more... have you considered the BW Anaheim Inn? We stayed there on our most recent trip. Cost was pretty much the same as Tropicana but we had free parking and free breakfasts included. It's maybe a 2 or 3 minute longer walk than Tropicana but of the motels on Harbor their rooms as felt the largest to us.

    Sorry if I've added to the confusion!


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      Everything seems to be sold out for my dates, so it is between CCI and Tropicana. I think we are going to go with Tropicana as we want the freedom to come and go without waiting on busses or having a long walk back. I do love CCI and they have a good breakfast, but it has been years since we tried something new. I will bring some items for breakfast with me, so it won't be a big deal to lose out on the breakfast.
      :ap: I'd rather be at Disneyland!


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        Me and my (soon to be) wife will be heading to Disneyland four our honeymoon on October 10th, and we will be staying at the Tropicana. This will be our 3rd time staying there. We have always had great experiences there and I believe they just finished renovating all of their rooms as well. The location cannot be beat, it's so convenient if you need to pop back to the hotel to grab something, or to rest or whatever. Staff is good, rooms are decent. If you are okay with not having complimentary breakfast, I would highly recommend it. We have always enjoyed our stay there!


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