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How accurate is Mousewait?


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  • How accurate is Mousewait?

    just curious how accurate mousewait app is compared to Disneyland app for ride waits?

    also how accurate is the crowd index? Supposedly today (9/12) was a 3/10 but pretty much all day mousewait was listed at 80% capacity. I know these apps are guessing game but trying to figure out what is most accurate for my next trip next week?

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    MouseWait’s accuracy is dependent upon members posting wait times. I believe the crowd index is an algorithm that uses the posted wait times to calculate the crowd index. I think prior to the introduction of the official Disneyland app, the MW wait times were pretty accurate, nowadays, I’m not sure it is that accurate most of the time. Same goes for all the crowd prediction websites, they are using historical data to predict future crowds. I think the historical data is still pretty useful during the traditional busy seasons but the ghost town days are long gone thanks to AP deals/payment plans and So-Cal ticket deals.


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      Touringplan's "lines" apps is far more accurate, and unlike Mousewait it has over 30 years of data it pulls from, doesn't need people to be reporting.

      People complain that the wait times don't follow Disney... that's because Disney lies (on purpose to cause crowds to move). They've added what Disney is most likely saying the wait is currently, which helps. The app isn't pretty either, by design... the basic data (no maps or graphics) allows low-bandwidth data, and low battery use.

      The Disney app is a battery burner... I've seen it take over 25% of my battery, when I'm not even using it.


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