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  • [Travel Planning] Holiday Trip Planning

    Hello to all!

    I figured I would sign-up and reach out to this great fan base to assist in getting some answers to questions I have regarding our trip. We are visiting 11/29-12/4, and could not be more excited! That being said, I had a few questions I'm having difficulty finding the answer to:

    1) It seems there was a surprise Indiana Jones Adventure refurbishment now at the beginning of November. Does anyone know an end date, or additional details?
    2) Any feedback regarding the Disneyland Express Shuttle? We are a little skeptical, but the price is ideal.
    3) For World of Color dining packages, you order from a pre-selected menu. Are Fantasmic Dining Packages the same? If so, where can I find those? Also, it seems all the Blue Bayou menus only feature entrees, and no appetizers or desserts.
    4) Any feedback with MaxPass? It seems like a good value, and definitely useful on busy weekend days.

    I'm sure I'll think of more as the time gets closer. Thanks to all in advance!