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Upgrading to Premier Annual Pass from Signature Plus


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  • Upgrading to Premier Annual Pass from Signature Plus

    I'm planning a WDW trip in November. I currently hold a Signature Plus AP, and am considering upgrading to the Premier. Our Signature Plus pass is 1049, and the Premier is 1439. 6 day parkhoppers at WDW are 465. So about 75 bucks savings if we just pay the difference and upgrade, plus we get all the discounts. We are currently on the payment plan, so I'm not sure if that factors in at all (Do our payments go up, or do we pay the balance + the difference for the upgrade). Is my thinking correct? Is it really that easy to save a bunch of money by simply upgrading? Thanks for any advice or help!

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    I'm not sure how they do it now, but when I was an AP holder (w/monthly payments) and I wanted to upgrade to a higher tier pass, they said I had to "pay the balance + the difference for the upgrade". You can always can them directly and they can give you what options they have to upgrade.


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      I upgraded from Signature+ with monthly payments last year and they basically had me pay the difference and I continued to make my monthly payments as normal. Basically, you can keep paying the monthly payments, you just have to pay the actual difference between the pass levels. You can also only do this at the ticket booths iirc.


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        Thanks all! I think I am going to upgrade - the discount on food/merch alone is worth it.