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    Hi everyone! I'm pricing out shuttles to get from LAX to the HoJo beside Disneyland. I've heard Uber is also a good choice but where I'm from we don't have Uber. I have no idea how it works, what the cost is like, and if they can pick you up from LAX. Can someone with experience with this clue me in? TIA!
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    You can get a quote for your fare on the Uber website or through the Uber app. A ride from LAX to Anaheim is probably around $40.


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      Kikdenn is correct, once you install the app (or just go to the website) you can get a fare estimate. Know that the time of the day, and the day itself can have huge impacts on the actual price (probably $20 swing at least). LAX now has designated locations for picking up with Uber/Lyft/etc - typically the app does a pretty good job of telling you where outside the terminal you will need to wait.


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        We paid around $70 each way from LAX to Country Inn and suites last July. We used the XL because out daughter uses a wheelchair. We also use it on the hottest days to and from the park. It was great!
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