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Katella Ave/Disneyland Drive


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  • Katella Ave/Disneyland Drive

    I was just curious if anyone has recent experience with walking from offsite hotels at the Katella/Disneyland Drive area. My go to strategy used to be cutting in through the Grand Californian car entrance on Disneyland Drive, and then into Downtown Disney to the Main Gates. As I understand, security is tighter and they only let registered hotel guests enter the GCH by that way. What is the next best option....the sidewalk that goes in through the parking lot next to Paradise Pier? Drop in next to Earl of Sandwich?

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    When I was there last summer we had to walk through the Disneyland Hotel parking lot all the way to the far entrance of Downtown Disney. The few CMs we talked to all directed us that way. It's a pretty straightforward way to go but it's exhausting at the end of the day since it adds probably an extra fifteen minutes of walking. I liked cutting through GCH before but I can understand why they started cracking down on it a bit more.