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  • [Travel Planning] SoCal Trip 2020

    Sorry if this is long winded.

    Looking for some advice here. I have a MAJOR DL itch that I need to scratch. I know crowds will be higher for a while due to Galaxy's Edge, which is one reason why I'm just looking for a timeframe in 2020. Now, my major hurdle is, my daughter is in highschool now and we can't take her out of school more then a day or two. So, I'm resigned to have to schedule this around our school schedules, which is what 95% of all families do, so I do expect crowds naturally. Our last visit was at the end summer 2018 and DL had some pretty major crowds, Universal and Knotts were pretty darn nice though (crowd and weather wise). Our major vacations per the school calendar are:
    2019 (I'm not against going later this year if that seems the best time):
    Thanksgiving - 11/23-11/31
    Christmas - 12/21-1/5
    4 day weekend - 01/29-02/2
    Spring Break - 3/21-3/29
    Summer - 6/13- 9/7/19

    We are hoping to include Universal (2 days), Six Flags (1-2 days), Disneyland (at least 4), and possibly Knotts (1day)

    If anyone has experience in these time frames and might be able to suggest what worked out best for them, I'd be forever grateful. My understanding is that different states have different spring break times, so, potentially Oregon's spring break might not be Cali's/Nevadas/ect. Or, is there some suggested week in the summer break that you may have found to be a decent experience (crowd wise). Essentially, as with everyone, I'd love to visit when its not a capacity and I'd love some suggestions.

    Thank you all so much!

    As a side note, if anyone has experience staying in the Six Flags area, I'd love to hear it. Doesn't seem to be the best lodging around it, and too far from DL to drive to and from in one day.

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    I’ve gone during the Spring Break time, a couple weeks before the Thanksgiving dates listed and in the summer of 2018 (July).

    I’d say the worst time of all those would be the summer. It’s easily in the high 80’s to low 90’s in Southern California and the crowds are huge. If I remember correctly nothing was down for refurbishment so that’s a plus.

    November is great cause Disneyland is decorated for Christmas and that in itself is amazing. However if you want to see the regular World of Color show as well as the normal fireworks shows you may be disappointed cause World of Color runs the “Season Of Light” Show during the Christmas Season and the regular fireworks are replaced with the Christmas show.

    Spring imo would be the best crowd wise cause it’s not as crowded and you can enjoy the annual California Adventure Food & Wine Festival but you can almost guarantee that Grizzly River Run will be down in DCA through at least the middle of your trip. I normally travel to Disneyland every March and it’s down every year.