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Alan's Wheelchairs are Horrible


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  • Alan's Wheelchairs are Horrible

    Hey all. I just wanted to tell you about the real bad expierence i had renting an ECV from Alan's Wheelchairs out of Fullerton, CA.

    I rented an ECV from Nov 17th-20th from them. I usually rent from Scootaround or Disney themsleves, but decided, against my usual better judgement, to rent from them since they were cheaper than Scootaround.

    So i get to the Castle Inn on Friday the 16th to find my scooter there. Excellent, or so i thought. I get it back to the room to notice that the front of the scooter is busted and cracked, the "floorboard" is also broken and cracked and the back, where the battery is, is missing the hatch and everything is exposed. I also find no basket after i specifically ask for one. I am a little upset, but am low maintence on these things so i let it go and figure as long as it runs we are ok.

    Next morning we head to the park and everything is fine, we got a late start (around 10:30) and the scooter is running fine. We spead most of the day there and head back to the hotel around 9:30 with no problems. I put in on the charger and it starts charging. The next day we head out early to the park and everythings fine until about 6:30 when i notice that the scooter is slowing down. As we cross into Frontierland, my scooter slows to a crawl. I ask a very helpful CM about recharging the ECV nd he redirects me to the wheelchair rental booth in front of DL. So i head back with one leg moving the scooter since there is absolutly no power. The CM's at the rental counter are very helpfull and not only charge my ECV but offer me a manual wheelchair at no cost which i take. When i rented the ECV from Alan's they told me not only would the ECV last all day and night at the park, but that if anything happened they have 24 hour service. So i call them that night an get a voicemail telling me their hours are 10-5 M-Sat. I was livid so i left a stern Voicemail and try to enjoy the rest of the night at the park.

    Monday comes and I must say they call me promptly after 10am. I explain the situation and he proceeds to tell me that the ECV are only meant to work for 7-8 hours and that they are availible 24/7 through their website and email. He offers to bring me a new scooter but cautions that it will "be a few hours before i can get out there". I decline and let him know i am upset and will never use the service again.

    So a word of caution to all who need to rent an ECV stay away from Alan's Wheelchairs, they don't live up to their word or their promises. Don't rent from Alan's Wheelchairs.

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    Re: Alan's Wheelchairs are Horrible

    Thanks, that is the review I have always heard about them. We had previously used Century Medical, and they have gone out of business, so last trip I was very leery. We rented from Deckert's last trip and they were FANTASTIC! I will be renting from them next trip. The charge lasted 2 days, and there was no problem with pick up or delivery.
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