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Realistic driving time DLR-Universal


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  • Realistic driving time DLR-Universal

    Gotta get ds to meet up with convention this Friday 9 am at Universal and he can't be late. Given holiday and rush hour, what's a realistic time to get on the road? (hopefully not the middle of the night ;P )

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    Re: Realistic driving time DLR-Universal

    Friday should be lighter traffic than normal, but he should leave Anaheim a bit before 7 to be at Universal by 9 am. A typical rush hour drive to downtown is 80-90 minutes from Anaheim, and Universal is a good 20-30 minutes farther in morning traffic. If he's lucky, he gets there in an hour and has time to park and relax before the convention.
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      Re: Realistic driving time DLR-Universal

      Hmmm.. I was afraid Mapquest's 46 minute estimate was overly optimistic.

      7 am is just too early. We'll probably close the park at midnight . Maybe we should stay somewhere near Universal instead the night before? Suggestions for someplace reasonable?


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        Re: Realistic driving time DLR-Universal

        Someplace reasonable ... near Universal Studios ... hmmm, can't help you there.

        But ... you can look in the Burbank/Glendale area's. You won't find anything reasonable in Universal City for sure.


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          Re: Realistic driving time DLR-Universal

          Too bad I didn't see this. I would recommend the Metrolink from Anaheim to Union Station, followed by the Red Line Subway to Universal.

          6:28AM train, in Union Station at 7:20AM; Red Line 7:27AM train, in at Universal Station at 7:56AM

          6:58AM train, in Union Station at 7:50AM; Red Line 7:57AM train, in at Universal Station at 8:26AM

          Get a cab from station to hotel, or walk up 30% incline. At least that's what it seems like.

          Home: need to catch 4:50, 5:40, or 6:30 train, so subtract about 45 minutes from any of these times for a departure from Universal Red Line station, in order to catch train in Union Station. (Extra time to allow for just missing a subway train, and having to wait 10 minutes.)


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