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Disneyland with a One year old

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  • Disneyland with a One year old

    Well we are off to Disneyland for the kids birthdays And we are preparing for lots of fun. We have been many times before but with my son we waited until he was 3 before we took him and so this will be our first time with a baby. Does anyone have any suggestions for us on Disneyland with a baby or birthday ideas while we are there our little princess will turn 1 and our son 11.

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    Re: Disneyland with a One year old

    The only advice I can give you is take the day slowly.
    With a kid that young you will not be able to get on certain rides and the long waits in line can be painful for little kids. I like the idea of taking your kids but IMHO, 1 is too young - she won't be able to remember much and it could possibly put a damper on your son's day due to the fact he won't be able to go on certain rides. If you are going with 2 people I recommend that you have 1 person take your son on certain rides and somebody else take your daughter on certain rides so nobody is left out. There is nothing worse than a kid feeling that a baby ruined his or her day. As for birthdays, I'd just tell your kids happy birthday a lot so they truly feel special - who knows maybe a cast member will sing to them!
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      Re: Disneyland with a One year old

      First off- HAVE BLAST!

      We took my son the first time when he was 6 weeks old - and it was my 35th Birthday. It's cool because we'll aways remember that.....

      Grant, my son, is 15 months old now. Today, in fact, we went to the park for about 5 hours.....and it was "Choo Choo Day" for us - he's getting quite aware of Trains we went on Disneyland Railroad and Casey Jr....and then had lunch...and then walked around....and we had a nice time......

      He loves Pirates, Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh, Buzz Lightyear, Mad Tea Party........and most/if not all the rides on Fantasyland. Also, he likes Autopia. He seemed pretty in awe of the Monorail today.......even though we didn't get on it.

      Make yourself familiar with the Baby Changing Station off of Main Street near Plaza Inn - near First Aid. If you need help finding it, any CM will direct you.

      Have a great time!


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        Re: Disneyland with a One year old

        You can still ride tons of stuff with a 1 year old! Both of my boys's trips were right around that age(18 mths for the olds a year and a week for the youngest) The both loved the parades at that age, ISAW, all the Fantasyland rides, Jungle Cruise, HM and POTC. I've been lucky neither one were ever afraid of dark rides.

        For the rides with a height limit ask for a baby swap pass. That way one of you can ride with your son and one stay with the baby then swap out and your son gets to ride twice.

        Make sure to stop at City Hall and get a birthday button!

        Most of all have a wonderful time!

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          Re: Disneyland with a One year old

          We are really lucky we get to come down with grandma and grandpa so for 5 out of 10 days we will have extra hands. I didn't know about the baby swap, my son will think thats a present on its own, getting to ride the rides twice for waiting in line once.Thanks for all the great advice.


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            Re: Disneyland with a One year old

            DLR is great with a 1yr old. Try to keep the baby on the normal nap, meal schedule as possible. If you can, take your own stroller if it will recline and be sure to take any cuddlie the baby needs to sleep. Take it nice and easy. Do not forget to stop at City Hall and get the older kids their Birthday buttons and the baby's "1st Visit" button.
            Hope you have a wonderful time.