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2 Star Hotels via Priceline

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  • 2 Star Hotels via Priceline

    Has anyone used the name your price on a 2 star hotel through priceline? If so what range did you get and how far from the park and most importantly... how was the stay?

    We have done the 3 star rooms through Priceline name your price, but wondering the experience of a 2 star.

    We are trying to go a little more (We live in San Jose, Ca) so its a 5 hour driveish.. factoring in Gas + Hotel Stay we just want to go a little more now that we got Annual Passes.

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    Re: 2 Star Hotels via Priceline

    we got the candlewood in anaheim. The room was not clean and the alternate room they offered was far worse. However I thik it's just that candlewood which is kind of gross. We stayed at a candlewood in lake forest and it was really nice.

    we hated the stay and it was a drive from the park. I'm really noe even sure if we were still in anaheim....


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      Re: 2 Star Hotels via Priceline

      I know for awhile the few 2 star wins were the Candlewood (above poster can you share the dates of your stay?) and the reviews weren't good. some of the stuff said was it was too far away from the parks with no art access but I know these days they do have an art stop. Also I seem to remember there was a problem sometimes with getting 2 beds. Lately the wins have been for Anaheim Maingate (recently acquired by Red Lion, used to be Radisson Maingate) for $35 and I've heard some great reviews. Looks like a nice hotel, but it keeps me from bidding (in that category) because it lacks a lot of things we need--microwave, fridge, jacuzzi (lol not negotiable). Now-- 2 1/2 picks up Holiday Inn and Suites on walnut which has a jacuzzi, is close enough to walk to the parking structure, but alas no microwave/fridge--but could possibly be able to wrangle a fridge as the hotel does have them just not in the room priceline would give. Of course the possibility of being upgraded to a 3 star is always possible. the last bidder that got that Holiday Inn bid $50 first try so I think she over bid, but only by a little. 3 stars pick up cheaper many times- the Crown Plaza, Hilton Anaheim $41, Holiday Inn $44. I have a feeling if you try for a few months bidding every day you could pick up for $4042 in the 21/2 star range, I'm sure I'd eventually (in the year I have to bid can pick up a nice 3 star for $41.

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        Re: 2 Star Hotels via Priceline

        I don't recall the dates. We one a one bed room. I called the hotel and said I needed sleeping for 5. I paid extra and upgraded to a suite and she said it would have two beds and a sofa bed. When we got there it only had one bed and a sofa bed.

        When we pulled the sofa bed down it had what appeared to be blood on the mattress. There were also crumbs all over the counters and the last persons trash was shoved into a cabinet. It was not very clean.

        We complained about the dirty mattress and they offered us another room. (they allow dogs to stay in these rooms.) The only other room was heavily pee stained all over the carpet and reeked like dirty dog. We opted for the first room and the lady just switched the mattress on the sofa bed.

        There was only one lady working and she was super busy. After seeing how short staffed they were I started to wonder if the rooms were cleaned at all. It really grosses me out to think they just remade the bed with the same dirty sheets someone else used, but it was a very disappointing stay. also, priceline will not help you out in any way when you call them to complain. The hotel did not charge us for the upgrade and priceline basically said sorry, but you're out of luck. They would just log our complaint. I really didn't expect them to do anything, but they didn't even seem to care about the dive they put us in.

        I always choose max stars when i use priceline now and as I said we did say at the candlewood in lake forest and it was very clean and really nice. So, it's not the chain it's just that one hotel.