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Alaska Airlines Kids Fly Free

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  • Alaska Airlines Kids Fly Free

    What am I not getting about this promo? It seems like the deal to beat all deals, right? But when I go through all the steps online, it comes out to a price HIGHER than if I just go through Alaska Air for the flight and either book a hotel direct or via another site like Getawaytoday or Orbitz.

    It doesn't appear to be adding park tickets into the package - is it? We are AP holders so we don't need them.

    Thought I'd ask here before calling the airline and having to deal with being put on hold forever....
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    Re: Alaska Airlines Kids Fly Free

    Hi tinkermonkey - You know I have been fooling aroung with this promo on the Alaska Air site for a week or two now and I think it's only for certain flights during the day and you have to read the fine print because there are blackout days, too.

    I am SO trying to take advantage of this promo seeing as how it's been extended all summer! The DL site is running the same promo so I was going to try that, too. Although, if I was comparing correctly Alaska Air is doing the 2 days free park tix and the DL site is not?

    Anyways, if you call AA let me know how it goes....


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      Re: Alaska Airlines Kids Fly Free

      Call them. Previous poster was right, only certain flights use the promo.
      I used this promo in Feb and booked through AA directly. THey found a way better deal than any other site I checked out.
      Plus, I was never on hold and they were so fast and friendly to deal with.
      Good luck.


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        Re: Alaska Airlines Kids Fly Free

        Hi samsma!

        If you don't mind me asking, what hotel did you stay at with this promo? And did you like it?

        Thank you!


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          Re: Alaska Airlines Kids Fly Free

          We stayed at the Knotts Resort. WE had been there before and liked it. They include a free shuttle to and from the park, and other attractions.
          They will let you pick from a whole bunch of hotels, so if you have a fave they should be able to price it in the package for you.
          We added the park hoppers with them and got them $10 less than any other advertised price, which was good.
          The lady who helped me was great, as I was changing dates and hotels to find the best deal for us. She looked up every option for me , and did not loose patience with me at all.


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            Re: Alaska Airlines Kids Fly Free

            You are awesome, thanks samsma!


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              Re: Alaska Airlines Kids Fly Free

              If you go through the Walt Disney Travel - Disneyland Website they also offer the Alaska Kids Fly Free Offer.
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