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Disneyland Hotel Concierge Level?

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  • Disneyland Hotel Concierge Level?

    We are planning a 4 day trip in December and staying at the Disneyland Hotel. We are researching options including upgrading to the concierge level. I am just wondering if it is worth it? What 'bonuses' come with the upgrade? What kind of view can you get?

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    Re: Disneyland Hotel Concierge Level?

    Hi Frank - You would probably be best looking at the Disneyland website under the DL Hotel link. Or just call them and you can get all you questions answered by a cast member over the phone:


    I think that one of the amenities is access to a lounge with free beverages and light snacks.

    Good luck!


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      Re: Disneyland Hotel Concierge Level?

      We do this very thing almost every year. For us, it has been worth it, because we take advantage of the breakfast every morning, go back and have snacks in the pm, and then the hors d' oerves are enough to make a light meal in the evening. The view in the lounge is from what used to be called the Sierra Tower, and they'll usually give you a room w/ a view of Down Town Disney. During the fireworks they lower the lights and pump in the music so you can enjoy a wonderful show without having to find a spot in the cold night at the park. We love the concierge lounge! The staff is always very helpful, the hotel rooms are a little larger than the regular, and of course, you'll get the turn down service in the evening. (Not a huge deal, but you get chocolates!)

      This year we'll be missing concierge at the Disneyland Hotel so you can have our room. We'll be enjoying the concierge at the Yacht Club at WDW!! Whooo hooo!
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        Re: Disneyland Hotel Concierge Level?

        My family and I also take full advantage of the concierge level service. With bottled water being $2.75ea at the park --we grab a couple on our way out of the lounge after breakfast. Saves us $15 right there! And the evening wine/beer service from 5-7pm w/ a hot appetizer is just a wonderful way to take a break/get a second wind before heading back for the evening.

        And lest not forget the SPECIAL glass elevator ONLY accessible by concierge level guests!! Sweet ride up/down w/ Downtown Disney in full view.

        DEFINITELY worth the extra money IMHO.
        Just countin' the days til the next visit!


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          Re: Disneyland Hotel Concierge Level?

          I knew this was the best place to get information! :-)

          I think it sounds awesome and since we are spending the $ on the DLH, what is a little more for the concierge level.