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July 14, 2009: Orange Stinger


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  • July 14, 2009: Orange Stinger

    Welcome to a ride that's a tribute to the orange groves and citrus honey production of California.

    Please discuss it here.
    Werner Weiss
    Curator of Yesterland, featuring discontinued Disneyland attractions

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    Re: July 14, 2009: Orange Stinger

    Could you add photos of the elevator and the double seat swings. Probably too late to get shot of them.

    I never rode the version at Knott's because of my weight. The seats were actually very small, anyone how measure them? I would say that at 300 pounds I was too big and that many people in the 200 pound range would have been uncomfortable.

    I have rode this once in the last 5 years and a panic attack happened. I have a fear of falling and them seats were not very secure to me. I do Soarin and even lean out of my seat on Soarin' but Stinger scared me to death.


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      The new version of this ride will be "off the shelf" of a wonderful store. Like carousels & merry-go-rounds, this ride is a classic and I am confident that it will be presented and maintained up to Disney standards. :ap:

      Now instead of the fragrant interior of a metal orange, guests will have better views of an attractive coaster, a scenic man-made pond, and many interesting visitors below.

      Thanks again, Werner!


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        Re: July 14, 2009: Orange Stinger

        I've been waiting for this article for a long time. Thanks, Warner!

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          Re: July 14, 2009: Orange Stinger

          Thanks for the article, Werner. I've never liked this ride, mainly for the off the shelf nature. I'll reserve judgement on the new version till I see it. But overall I think Disney should have done much better than this.


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            Re: July 14, 2009: Orange Stinger

            Thanks for another great yesterland update. I am proud to say that I was on the last flight of the orange stinger last night. I love that ride and will miss it very much. I can't wait until it comes back even better as the silly symphony swings!!
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              Re: July 14, 2009: Orange Stinger

              As I see it, the problem for the Orange Stinger is it's only half a good idea. As it is presently configured, guests enter a bleak industrial warehouse to mount a ride that shows off no particular view of anything interesting.

              What Disney should have done is enclose the building completely and had a special effects show in the dark... they could have scored big with the youth demographic with that one. Bee kiddie rides with Smell-O-Vision, less so.

              This is actually the first time I've seen the inside of the building, and it's telling it has the same aesthetic problems as the Ferris Wheel: Another dreary and claustrophobic loading zone pit. Eisner must have loved it. Reeks of cheap.


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                Re: July 14, 2009: Orange Stinger

                See glimpses of Paradise Pier from the open areas in the orange peel. Hear the sound of bees buzzing (or the sound of screams drowning out the buzzing). Smell the scent of oranges. Feel the wave action of the tilting canopy and the centrifugal force that makes your seat swing out to the side. (The fifth sense is taste, but food and beverages are not allowed on the ride.)
                Oh I'm certain there were some riders who even got to have taste. I know if I were to ride it there's a good chance that I would definitely taste what I had eaten earlier in the day.


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                  Re: July 14, 2009: Orange Stinger

                  I wish they never had this in the park in the first place. At least the new look will not remind me of a huge orange zit on the face of a Disney park.


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                    Re: July 14, 2009: Orange Stinger

                    I remember riding on the Stinger during the AP previews in one of the "bee buts". Que Cera Cera!
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                    -- Walter Elias Disney, July 17, 1955 approx 4:35PM


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                      Re: July 14, 2009: Orange Stinger

                      Good article. Being a long-time fan of these kinds of rides, the revamped Silly Symphony Swings is going to be a treat. For a long time now I've wanted to see one of those elevated over the surrounding area. You sort-of got that with Orange Stinger of course but you couldn't see that well at all. The idea was interesting in principle but didn't do so well in practice. I only rode a couple times.


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                        Re: July 14, 2009: Orange Stinger

                        its kinda gonna be weird without the giant orange but its a good weird
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                          Re: July 14, 2009: Orange Stinger

                          The Orange Stinger actually smelled of oranges? I rode it a fair number of times since 2007 and I can't seem to recall it smelling that way.

                          And is Silly Symphony Swings simply going to be the Orange Stinger ride rethemed or is Disney knocking the ride down and installing a brand new one? The one in the concept art looks a lot taller.


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                            Re: July 14, 2009: Orange Stinger

                            As these kinds of rides go, I always likes these swing rides, especially as a kid. Of course, I can/have ridden at 6 Flags and Paramount parks, the fair, that big mall in Edmonton....

                            But, maybe more than that is this. By 2001, the boy and I had ridden a few of these rides together, both full size and mini version. But we could not ride the version in a Disney park together because he was only 46" and I weigh around 220.

                            Can't really add to that.

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                              Re: July 14, 2009: Orange Stinger

                              I glad that Orange Stinger is OUT!
                              and Silly Symphony Swings is coming IN!......

                              I have ride this couple times for the fun of a swing, same time felt it was so with many things in DCA ,it was so chep!...
                              Also "NO" Disney themeing!

                              I think Silly Symphony Swings would be a better ride over all and better for the EYES!...Better ride to see others having FUN!

                              Werner Weiss I glad you have this one!
                              Soaring like an EAGLE !


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