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November 27, 2009: LuminAria

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  • November 27, 2009: LuminAria

    It's the Holiday Season here at Yester California Adventure. We don't have luminarias, we have LuminAria
    Link to LuminAria

    Please discuss it here.
    Werner Weiss
    Curator of Yesterland, featuring discontinued Disneyland attractions

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    Re: November 27, 2009: LuminAria

    I'm probably one of the few people to say that I enjoyed Luminaria. I was there nearly every night during it's run since I usually closed during that season.

    While I closed some of the store locations I was able to walk around and watch it. That was probably one of the best things about a show like that in the Bay and that it was viewable from nearly every surrounding walkway at the Pier. Yes you definitely had to be mindful of which way the wind was blowing that night but you could easily avoid the smoke if you were smart about it.

    My favorite part was by far the drawings they would project onto the screens out in the Bay. I would hear kids get excited when their drawings would pop up as I walked around and it was cool to see their faces as they just realized that they were part of a Disney show. It was a great thing that Disney did when they included something like that. If I was a kid and I drew me and Mickey holding hands in crayon and I saw it pop up during a fireworks show then I knew I was telling all of my friends the next day at school that "I" was in the show at DCA last night!

    Even though I loved the show I can't say that I would like it back but I always thought a show in the Bay was an amazing idea and when they announced World of Color it brought a smile to my face. Good job Disney.

    *Side note - Please reconsider the water play area near the seating zone. I cringe at the fact that we may have another "Toxic Waves" area.
    Former Cast Member who can't seem to stay away.



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      Re: November 27, 2009: LuminAria

      As always, very nice to see a report on the extinct Disneyland Resort. However, you forgot the part when Roy Disney came for the grand opening and...

      ...Luminaria didn't start.

      He was not happy.

      Then he left Disney. Coincidence?


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        Re: November 27, 2009: LuminAria

        I think it's a nice idea for them to have the christmas cards in there. =) And I guess disguising show elements didn't start with World of Color then.


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          Re: November 27, 2009: LuminAria

          I miss Luminaria. a lot.

          great music+story. shame it lasted such a short while, but at least we get WoC in return and hopefully a great holiday-themed WoC in the future.
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          "We're going to take you out of this world of reality for a visit to the most fantastic of all the worlds of fantasy." - Walt Disney


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            Re: November 27, 2009: LuminAria

            Very interesting. This was one of those things I'd not heard about before. Looks like it was a neat thing for Disney to try out that had some really good ideas and aspects but didn't end up working out.


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              Re: November 27, 2009: LuminAria

              Was it dark enough to have a light show by the time CA closed? I usually go in the off season when CA closes at 6ish, which normally isn't that dark yet. Maybe they only plan to run it during the off season when the park closes later.