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Anyone remember the show "Animazement" in Fantasyland?


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  • Anyone remember the show "Animazement" in Fantasyland?

    I used to watch it ALL the time when I got my first annual pass in my earlier years of elementary school.

    It was a show that featured a variety of Disney movies: The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty & the Beast, The Lion King, Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Hercules. It also had animators narrating the stories. Oh man, it was such a great show...

    I recently got to see the show again on youtube! What great memories it gave me

    part 1: [ame=]YouTube - Animazement 1[/ame]
    part 2: [ame=]YouTube - Animazement 2[/ame]
    part 3: [ame=]YouTube - Animazement 3[/ame]

    Anyone know why the show ended in the first place??? Disney just doesn't seem to make any shows as great as this one anymore. Even Snow White - An Enchanting Musical, the show that replaced this one, did not make a great impression on me as this show did.

    What was your favorite part of the show??? The trio of Pocahontas, Hercules, and Quasimodo gives me chills every time

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    Re: Anyone remember the show "Animazement" in Fantasyland?

    Well, Aladdin is a fantastic show.

    Tiana's Showboat Jubilee was one of the best shows over the past decade, in Disneyland -

    but unfortunately the Fantasyland Theater was hacked apart and ignorantly repurposed as the princess fantasy fair - which was a complete wast for that theater. The shows held in the FL theater always had a much broader appeal. They could do a princess meet and greet in many other places. But a stage show is much more limited as where it could be performed.

    It's just a sign of entertainment managers failing to do their jobs, when they don't have a show in DL.

    Oh, to add (and I've linked these videos in other topics) here is another trio, from the show that was ORIGINALLY going to be in the Hyperion Theater ~ unfortunately Steps in Time was completely reworked, and the best numbers were eliminated, before DCA's official opening day:

    [ame=""]YouTube- Beauty and the Beast[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube- I'm Wishing[/ame]

    And have to add, the female in both of those videos is Eden Espinosa, who also was one of the Pocahontas performers in Animazement. And I wouldn't be surprised if both of the guys in the BatB song, also performed in Animazement. The date of these two videos was likely 1-19-2001.
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      Re: Anyone remember the show "Animazement" in Fantasyland?

      I remember that show. I liked it, then after my parents made me watch it so many times every time we went that I got sick of it of seeing it (I was a little kid). Of course now that I'm older, I miss it. Not just the show itself, but what it had. It was one of the good shows with much spectacle and music and the "magic" feeling, things that quite a few of the shows today don't seem to have anymore.

      And for the record, I liked the Snow White - An Enchanted Musical. But I too felt it didn't have the same level of magic Animazement and some of the other previous movie-inspired productions.

      I don't think I ever had a favorite scene, but I always remembered the Beauty and the Beast and Hunchback of Notre Dame segments.


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        Re: Anyone remember the show "Animazement" in Fantasyland?

        Animazement was one of my favorite shows they did in the Fantasyland theater. It gives you all the best songs from some of the best shows ever. And I also always got the chills too when listening to the trio sing. It always amaized me how those three different songs would blend and harmonize so well together. And actually reading about this post makes me want to get the DVD I have of the show out and watch it. This friend of mine taped the very last show they did. The date of the last show was 9-19-98
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