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Disneyland Skyway


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  • Disneyland Skyway

    On june 23 1956,walt disney brought the legendary
    > >>vonroll tramway type 101 detachable to the united
    > >>states.all of us known the ride as the Disneyland
    > >> the tramway world the disneyland skyway was
    > >>known as old #5.the skyway was originally built as a
    > >>classic vonroll side chair in 1947.walt disney bought
    > >>the old vonroll side chair in january 1956.he allways
    > >>loved the swiss alps,so why not bring a piece of it to
    > >>disneyland. before the skyway was opened to the
    > >>public,walt disney rode the vonroll across his park on
    > >>one of the original side chairs.on june 23 1956 ,walt
    > >>disney and swiss council of los angeles dr walter
    > >>smidt opened the disneyland skyway.first as a 2
    > >>passenger side chair,then a 2 passenger with steel
    > >>gondolas,the disneyland skyway made history as the 1st
    > >>aerial tramway of its type in the united
    > >>1959,the skyway was shut down for the construction of
    > >>the matterhorn!the imagineers at that time wanted to
    > >>get rid of the skyway because it was in the way of the
    > >>matterhorn. walt disney said "put the skyway through
    > >>it"!and so,a added piece of senery for the
    > >>skyway.though the matterhorn. in 1965,the
    > >>original 2 passenger vonroll got another
    > >>gondolas,type 101b (4 passenger)grips, hanger arms for
    > >>the new 4 passenger fiberglass gondolas and a conveyor
    > >>system in both drive and tension.the conveyor system
    > >>lasted 5 years.they didnt consider the amount of
    > >>people that rode the caused severe backups
    > >>in the stations.the skyway also recieved a new
    > >>inclosed tower in tomorrowland with a new 12 sheave
    > >>roller battery on each side.the disneyland skyway had
    > >>no other changes done to her. the skyway
    > >>had
    > >> its cable changed every 7 years,ran a slow 4.5 mph
    > >>and had a maximim capacty of 44 gondolas.the
    > >>disneyland skyway was a concept ride that lasted 38
    > >>years.that little vonroll was responsible for all the
    > >>gondola skyrides that were built between 1958 and
    > >>1976.ayt one time,there were over 35 vonroll type 101
    > >>skyrides in the united states. now its 2011 and there
    > >>is only 10 november 9th 2011 marks the
    > >>demise of the 1st,the grandaddy of all skyrides built
    > >>by VONROLL LTD BERNE SWITZERLAND, lets pay a heart
    > >>filled rest in peace and we miss you to the 1st
    > >>vonroll type 101 gondola skyride(WAY) in the usa. lets
    > >>pray to god that the walt disney company will bring
    > >>back this loved attraction to the sky above
    > >>disneyland. . ......... ...... also on this date november
    > >>9 1995 toyoko disneyland removed there skyway.november
    > >>9 1999 walt disney world in florida
    > >> removed there
    > >>vonroll skyway as well.a sad day lived over and over
    > >>.same day ,different years..... the worlds of disney
    > >>was permantly changed forever on november
    > >>9th....... .. ...... miss you skyway...... .....
    > >>robert acheson san diego california "up above the
    > >>world you fly ,like a teetray in the sky" said the
    > >>doormouse! !! !!!!!!!!! !
    > >>
    Attached Files
    :crybye:long live the 1st vonroll type 101.the disneyland in peace old ya skyway! bring back the skyway! My Facebook Skyway group!/...d=115004863923

  • #2
    Re: Disneyland Skyway

    you didnt hear this from me but i happen to know someone in a very high position that says skyway might return one day


    • #3
      Re: Disneyland Skyway

      They cant bring back a Vonroll vr101..If Doppelmayr decided to put in one of there systems then it would work..
      :crybye:long live the 1st vonroll type 101.the disneyland in peace old ya skyway! bring back the skyway! My Facebook Skyway group!/...d=115004863923


      • #4
        Re: Disneyland Skyway

        OSHA wont allow the original Skyway to return but concept blueprints have been drawn up using an Omnimover style system to bring it back but of course TDA doesnt like the price


        • #5
          Re: Disneyland Skyway

          Probably Doppelmayr is doing the ropeway since they bought out Vonroll in 1996.Automated stations..
          :crybye:long live the 1st vonroll type 101.the disneyland in peace old ya skyway! bring back the skyway! My Facebook Skyway group!/...d=115004863923


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