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December 2, 2011: Walt Disney Stamp of 1968


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  • December 2, 2011: Walt Disney Stamp of 1968

    Walt Disney received many honors during his life and posthumously. One of these honors was a United States commemorative postage stamp issued in Marceline on September 11, 1968.

    Please discuss it here.
    Werner Weiss
    Curator of Yesterland, featuring discontinued Disneyland attractions

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    Re: December 2, 2011: Walt Disney Stamp of 1968

    Great article Werner. I had forgotten that the Post Office issued a Walt Disney stamp back in 1968.

    Once a Disney fan, always a Disney fan.


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      Re: December 2, 2011: Walt Disney Stamp of 1968

      I knew about the postage stamp, but I didn't know about the imperfections of the stamp, now I will keep a look out for them. Also, a great read overall!

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        Re: December 2, 2011: Walt Disney Stamp of 1968

        I'm trying to locate one of those stamps now. Thank you for this great article from Edward Bergen. You can always count on Yesterland to deliver something interesting!!!
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          Re: December 2, 2011: Walt Disney Stamp of 1968

          I picked a block of 4 stamps on Ebay a few years ago that never were postmarked, they now are now framed along side of the other Disney stamps from USPS.

          I just checked on Ebay and there some listed.



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            Re: December 2, 2011: Walt Disney Stamp of 1968

            I have a set of four that I got in Marceline a couple years ago. They're great!
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              Re: December 2, 2011: Walt Disney Stamp of 1968

              Back in 1982 when Tokyo Disneyland was being created, the weekends were great for Swap Meets at all the Tokyo shrines. I wondered into a stamp and coin collecting store near the Yoyogi Swap Meet which gets the biggest crowds and has many shops featuring American collectables from clothes to antiques. I thought I would by chance see if they had any of these 6 cent Walt Small World stamps, and was suprised to find a full page and a half of them for sale. As the park was not open yet, the value was pretty reasonable and overlooked by the public there. Had it been after 1983 and the park opening, I doubt if I would have found them there at all. I did triple mat the full page in all the stamps layers of colors as you have shown and framed them. The other half page was used up for a single Christmas stamp along with added postage on Special Disney Christmas cards to friends over the years who would appreciate it as a gift as I do. They were sure surprized. Love your article and now have more "Great History" on them. PD
              PS Over the years when Disney opened a new park like Epcot, they would send out a "Commerative Disney" post card with one of these stamps on it to their employees. Those were the days.
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