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35th Anniversary Dream Machine Tickets


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  • 35th Anniversary Dream Machine Tickets

    Does anyone else remember the Dream Machine tickets?

    I was about four when we made our trip that year and got a winning ticket. I can't really remember all that much, I think it might have all been a bit over my head, but I do remember being up on that little stage and talking to a guy who resembled a game show host. He asked me what the string hanging from my fanny pack was and I showed him by pacifier on a string so that I wouldn't lose it! That's really my strongest memory of the whole event. After that I know I pulled the lever and won a $1000 savings bond, which I eventually used to buy my first computer.

    Does anyone else have any fun Dream Machine memories? It's my only Disneyland claim to fame and I'm curious if anyone else has any interesting stories surrounding it.

    Also, I'm hoping someone here might have an answer for me; did they collect the winning tickets? We can't find mine anywhere (just the admission ticket we saved), and from what I gather online they are fairly rare? This is leading me to think they might have been collected, and I have a very vague recollection of inserting the ticket into the Dream Machine, but I'm not all that sure about that.

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    Re: 35th Anniversary Dream Machine Tickets

    Yes! I have ticket 2,999,992 from that day! Sooo close.....


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