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July 13, 2012: Wall Street, U.S.A.


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  • July 13, 2012: Wall Street, U.S.A.

    Disneyland has a street with old-fashioned storefronts on both sides. It’s called Main Street Street, U.S.A. Yester California Adventure has a street with blue plywood constructions walls on both sides. It doesn’t have an offical name. So let’s call it Wall Street Street, U.S.A.

    Please discuss it here.
    Werner Weiss
    Curator of Yesterland, featuring discontinued Disneyland attractions

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    Re: July 13, 2012: Wall Street, U.S.A.

    yEARS of walls. Every visit it unfolded and got everyone a little more anxious. It's such a pleasant ending to the walls with a park that's more of a complete destination than ever before.


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      Re: July 13, 2012: Wall Street, U.S.A.

      So I wasn't was gonna mention this....until now, and Disney totally let it slip through the cracks but look closely at the World of Color wall, look at tink, notice anything STRANGE about her?

      Give up?

      Her dress has a fluffy fringe around the edge!!!! But wait her outfit normally doesn't have this. You're right. Some designer (sorry to put you on blast) just quickly picked a vector tink not noticing this and slapped it up there. Yup, you heard it right, that tink with the fluffy "santa claus" trim is from her own Disney Consumer Products style guide. How would I know? Because I used that same image on a tinker bell christmas stationery set at my first job out of college.

      I remember the first time I walked around that wall during the first D23 expo week and noticed it. I didn't figure anyone would of caught it, but guess what I DID! Ohhhh the details. No biggie really but who approves this stuff anyway?
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        Re: July 13, 2012: Wall Street, U.S.A.

        Disney's own Wall-y world! Just needed a moose for Clarke Griswold to punch...

        ...holding a sign that said "Sorry Folks! We're closed for 5 years to fully overhaul Eisner's blunder!"


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          Re: July 13, 2012: Wall Street, U.S.A.

          thumbs up


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            Re: July 13, 2012: Wall Street, U.S.A.

            I always enjoy your writing, Werner, but that Wall St. vs. Main St. bit was pure GOLD!! I literally laughed out loud!
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              Re: July 13, 2012: Wall Street, U.S.A.

              hehehe... I was calling the park "Disney's Chinese Adventure" because it was the Walled City to me.


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