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Oct. 1, 2012: World Showcase at Night in 1983


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  • Oct. 1, 2012: World Showcase at Night in 1983

    Happy Anniversary to Epcot!

    EPCOT Center opened 30 years ago, October 1, 1982.

    I was was there in January 1983, when the amazing new park was just a few months old. In today’s photo essay, please join me on an evening stroll around World Showcase Lagoon, almost 30 years ago.
    Please discuss it here.
    Werner Weiss
    Curator of Yesterland, featuring discontinued Disneyland attractions

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    Re: Oct. 1, 2012: World Showcase at Night in 1983

    Thank you for the look back. My sister and I were there in 1982 and I remember how amazing those touch screens were at the time. It was unbelievable that all you had to do was touch a T.V. screen with your finger and something on the screen would happen. Wonderful futuristic stuff at the time. Thanks again.
    "Anything's possible at Disneyland." - Walt Disney, 1965


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      Re: Oct. 1, 2012: World Showcase at Night in 1983

      We wonder what Epcot has in store for the next twenty years. Will it still be a mis-mash of "we-don't-know-what-to-do", "Let's-Based-it-off-of" and "We're-cutting-and-raising-more-prices" Future World pavilions with no such form of educational fun and new attractions; and no new World Showcase pavilions and attractions? Or will there be finally a more through thought behind the current Future World pavilions, in the form of Edutainment; and new WS pavilions and attractions?

      Sorry to sound so far-flung, but I love this park and I hope someone in the company has the brains (not the pencils) to know what's not yet available, but coming and present it, like Corning Glass for example.

      Also, I love your the old photos of WS at night.

      sigpicNow the Tower of Sauron has fallen
      Also, this picture and my Avatar was taken with a Nintendo DSi System and Nyko Magnification Lens & Case for DSi.


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        Re: Oct. 1, 2012: World Showcase at Night in 1983

        I miss those World Key Satellite kiosks. They were ahead of their time and very useful.
        A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five. ~ Groucho Marx


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