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Jan. 8, 2007: 1998 Tomorrowland Mural


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  • Jan. 8, 2007: 1998 Tomorrowland Mural

    The caption for the 1998 Tomorrowland Mural, an homage to Tomorrowland's past, was "Beyond the greatest star of all lies our future." However, the mural itself didn't have much of a future.
    Link to 1998 Tomorrowland Mural, with interactive images by Karen Weiss.

    Please discuss it here.
    Werner Weiss
    Curator of Yesterland, featuring discontinued Disneyland attractions

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    Re: Jan. 8, 2007: 1998 Tomorrowland Mural

    Very nice page. I think the Jules Vern theme could have worked like in Disneyland Paris but I think Tomorrowland was just too small and if it's true that the budget was slashed, then I could see why many didn't like it.


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      Re: Jan. 8, 2007: 1998 Tomorrowland Mural

      Excellent, although you didn't mention the fountains at the sides of the mural that were just like the old fountains that were in the entranceway of New Tomorrowland before those areas were converted to planters.

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        Re: Jan. 8, 2007: 1998 Tomorrowland Mural

        My compliments to Karen Weiss for a really great job on the Flash illustrations! Fun!



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          Re: Jan. 8, 2007: 1998 Tomorrowland Mural

          Howdy Werner: Many thanks for another installation of Yesterland. Been reading your site for years and greatly admire the tone and content.

          I realize the Blair Murals are not universally popular, but I think they were artistically significant and leagues ahead of what replaced them. Disney Inc. is making tons of money off Mary's concept drawings that were just lying around in drawers. I'd hope that say 1/2 of 1% of those profits might go to actually rescuing some of her art.

          I do have a couple of questions for the forum -

          Does anybody have any idea what the slogan "Beyond the greatest star of all lies our future" is supposed to mean? I've been looking at it for years and I guess it's pure marketing doubletalk.

          Does anybody know why the entrance fountains were shut off so soon and replaced with planters? I recall they were in service for only a few seasons before the plantings went in. I have always supposed it's because the dark fountain heads and aluminum backdrop were showing hard water stains too easily and were a real pain to get keep clean.


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            Re: Jan. 8, 2007: 1998 Tomorrowland Mural

            I liked the 1999 Tomorrowland mural because it was more artistic and seemed like it belonged. The new one is nice, but it makes me feel like I'm at some lazertag place rather than at Disneyland.

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              Re: Jan. 8, 2007: 1998 Tomorrowland Mural

              I think that it is interesting that Mary Blair murals were uptopian views of the future. While the 1998 was a nostagic veiw of the past. How times have changed. In 1967 the future was better than the past. In 1998, one wished that some of those rides were still around. Today we are not sure of the future. The 2005 seems to indicate we are leaving this planet.

              I guess I just wish for a 'GREAT BIG BEAUTIFUL TOMORROW.'
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