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What if the plan for Star Wars changed?


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  • What if the plan for Star Wars changed?

    Now that the addition of 14 prime acres just north of Fantasyland and Frontierland has become possible, I can't help but wonder (and this is just a dream mind you) what if the plan for Stars Wars changed? What if Star Wars was ultimately added to DCA instead, or a larger third gate location could be created nearby as so many people have hoped for? What would the potential be (and you know you have thought about this) for those 14 additional acres. To put it more distinctly, what would you want to see in that location if, in a perfect world, we could have BOTH Star Wars and 14 more acres of Disneyland?

    Maybe you think Star Wars IS the perfect use of that location. Or maybe you have the opposite opinion that Thunder Mountain Ranch isn't ready for Yesterland, that you love the goats, don't change a thing, stay inside the berm! Maybe your dreaming of an expanded Fantasyland with a pirate ship and skull rock! Or maybe your ideas involve Frontierland or some completely new idea!

    It's simply to tantalizing not to stop and dream a little about the possibilities that exist if you could make Disneyland just a little bit bigger. What would you do if you had the magic wand and 14 acres to play with?
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    I'd love to see an expanded Frontierland. While I think the ranch works OK, especially the restaurant, the festival area is a terrible waste of space. Under your scenario, I'd include more of a mining town, which would include a major E ticket attraction on par with POTC. Another couple of smaller themed attractions would be welcome, but NO spinners.

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      I know what you mean about the festival area being underused space.With the exception of Christmas time I can't remember anything major going on in there for awhile.

      As far as expanding Frontierland I appreciate where you are coming from but I'm guessing that land is as big as it's ever going to get. They don't make movies about the frontier anymore (at least not THAT frontier) and new live or animated movies seem to be the singular force behind most new attractions these days. Not that it's a bad thing (Cars Land for instance) but think about how that fact is driving the creation of almost all new attractions in both Disneyland and DCA.

      A new Disney attraction without a recent movie tie-in? Doubtful.

      When I think of "what if" Disneyland could be a little bigger what would I want to have added? My thoughts tend toward adding to the core lands and attractions. Disneyland is the original park and the primary inspiration for the other parks and haven't those lands and attractions proven there worth $billions of times over? It seems like Disney is chasing after the next or most recent hit movie/animated feature and the merchandizing potential that goes along with it (not that I blame them). And when attractions are competing for limited space it's seems obvious that older lands and attractions at Disneyland are mostly being overlooked.

      I get the concept that the parks have to compete with ever changing demographics. But the heart of the Disneyland experience is still those original lands. So, in a nutshell, and at the risk of repeating others and clinging way to much to the past, here is my wish list for a slightly expanded Disneyland:

      First Fantasyland...Bring back the pirate ship and skull rock and make it the centerpiece of a tropical inspired Neverland that you and your kids and walk through and explore. If there was ever a story turned Disney movie turned Disneyland attraction that has proven it's staying power it's Peter Pan.

      Move Casey Junior and Dumbo to a new location (they are currently in my imaginary Neverland spot) and salvage the best of Storybook by making it a walk through somewhere else in Fantasyland, Come to think of it make that two Dumbos like WDW has.

      Remove the service area that separates the Fantasyland Theater with the current Casey Jones area to strengthen the connection of the theater and Small World to the rest of Fantasyland.

      The new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at WDW looks pretty cool so how about one of those as well. That would update and upgrade the Snow White story so it's current location could become a new dark ride. The Mine Train footprint is pretty big so the extra Fantasyland space may be used up by now... So on to Tomorrowland...

      You could "expand" Disneyland just by repurposing the underused or unused areas that currently languish inside the park (duh) so it's time for a really great solution for the locations occupied by Captain EO and the Carousel of Innoventions or whatever it's called now. And if all new Disney attractions MUST be linked to a movie can someone please get started on a movie about the People Mover! (just kidding...about the movie that is, we need the PM back too).

      If creating a tomorrowland has the built-in problem of quickly becoming dated than how about this solution: build a new/oldTomorrowland featuring that stylish, idealistic mid century vision of the future we saw so much of in the original Tomorrowland but never quite got in the actual future? You know, the one with people movers and plastic houses! I loved it!

      Throw in the return of Tahitian Terrace over in Adventureland and you have addressed a few of the underused locations. Anyway, that's my partial wish list so I will leave it there for now before this thread gets any longer...
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        Waiting for Godot


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          Great ideas sleepyjeff. One could join up with friends at the English Pub prior to visting the Museum of the Weird, and then move on to Island at the top of the world. Another cool idea to expand rivers of America so as to include a Fantasmic amphitheater. And really the skyway THRU the Matterhorn and the frozen ice cave; I loved that ride. I noticed in your concept the Monorail does not go around the Matterhorn, and that's another good call. I love the Monorail but it's too intrusive at that location for Fantasyland.
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