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Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland - 40 Years Ago


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    I was able to talk to Michael Broggie a few weeks ago at a model railroading convention he attended. Apparantly the Carolwood Society wanted to negotiate with Disney on restoring the Mine Train locomotive and rail cars that used to be featured on the Rivers of America in what appeared to be a landslide incident. It didn't fall through unfortunately as there was no long term plan for the locomotive as it wasn't expected to find a permanent residence outside of the Disney property (Although it was slated to be displayed outside Walt's Barn in LA). If what was said is true, that's a darn shame since they are still in pretty beat up shape from sitting out in the Californian Sun all this time.

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      I was three when it shut down but I I remember it fondly as a toddler it was one of my favorite rides and one of my first memories of the park long with America sings and Country Bear Jamboree. I remember the waterfall and the bucks probably the most as well as the train cars and being just tall enough to see over the side though I was probably sitting on somebody's lap back then.


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        Originally posted by Tomorrowland_1967 View Post

        I'm not so sure Disney is doing any sort of a "Mine Train Tribute".

        There's a teaser poster put on a construction wall .. that says Natures Wonderland via the DLRR. But that could amount to nothing.

        So far ... no one has confirmed Disney recreating any of the Natures Thru Wonderland Mine Train elements. Yes .. they are doing water falls cascading immediately behind the DLRR track ... but it's not reminiscent to anything to Cascade Peek. Two completely different designs. Disney hasn't said they are recreating any of the exact elements that made Natures Thru Wonderland famous. I so badly want to see a recreation of Rainbow Caverns. But Disney seems to be damned to put most of their money to SWL .. and to heck with any proper nods to Natures Wonderland.

        I want to be wrong. But the Disney of today is so focused on I.P.s that are to be forced marketed in DL... and anything famous from DL's past ... tough tiddies! I'm not a fan of the current regime running the shots.
        Eh, Disney knows how to milk that nostalgia as well. The MSEP coming back along w/ Fireworks that are celebrating the history of the park itself, including bits of ride spiels that are long gone is a testament to that.
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 posted a great 2-parter back in 2010 on the Mine Train thru Nature's Wonderland. Photos, maps, original brochure -- the works!

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            Ah yes, I remember The Mine Train,

            For me, 'Big Thunder Mountain' will always be the attraction that replaced 'The Mine Train.'

            The ending scene, going through Rainbow Caverns, with the iridescent pools of water was a real highlight. Plus the great narration featuring Dallas McKennon.

            i was bummed and surprised when I saw the construction walls had gone up.
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              it was my first attraction out of the ticket book, afraid that the animals might go to bed, there was no fear of it breaking down, because nothing broke down in the 60s. But to go from lafereny Road , walking mile after mile, seeing nothing but lizards and creosote trees towering over my head, there was really no chance of a black bear tumbling out of the desert brush. But there, high above the creosote trestle, looking was true....national geogrpahic, mutal of Omaha and all those wonderful disney nature films, they all came to Disneyland to do their filmiing...because they sure were not filming on my stretch of reality


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                I was just old enough to remember our last DL trip before MTTNW closed. To this day I have never been able to describe the sheer beauty of the Rainbow Caverns, nor find photos or film adequate to show to my children so they can know what a wonderful and awe inspiring attraction Walt built there in the northwest corner of the park.

                Every time I ride BTM I stare wistfully at the colored pools next to the first lift hill and sigh at how they pale in comparison to what they replaced.
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