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What Was Pre-1967 Tomorrowland Like?


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  • What Was Pre-1967 Tomorrowland Like?

    My first visit was about a year after the 1967 remodel of Tomorrowland. What was it like before the remodel?

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      It was awesome for its time, we who visited it being part of that time and having experienced nothing like it before. Science and space technology were unbelievably hot in the mid-50s to mid-60s -- kids were being fasttracked in science and engineering starting in grade school, and Tomorrowland was techno-geek heaven. Monsanto's Hall of Chemistry was the inspiration for a generation of junior chemists. The Art of Animation exhibit is still cited by baby boomers in the animation industry as the triggering event that launched them on their careers. The Flight Circle featured jet-powered model planes and wicked fast cars -- parents would have to peel their sons' claw-grip fingers off the chain link fence when it was time to leave.

      The Wow reaction wasn't only for kids: those of us with dads in the booming aerospace industry heard them rave about Tomorrowland to other adults. It's too bad digital cameras weren't around then -- the place looked incredible at night, but the relative rarity of really fast film resulted in few photos that captured its after-dark ambience.

      Tomorrowland really rocked with the '59 upgrade. The nuclear-powered Nautilus had just completed its first voyage beneath the polar ice cap. Tomorrowland's new Submarine Voyage thru Liquid Space was a mindboggling experience. Everyone swore their sub actually submerged. Kids who rode the subs and monorail that first year had major bragging rights at school -- the farther from Anaheim you lived, the greater the envy. All this, of course, was back in the days when a trip to Disneyland was considered something special, and empty ticket books were displayed at grade school like a badge of membership in a special club.

      "Disneyland is often called a magic kingdom because
      it combines fantasy and history, adventure and learning,
      together with every variety of recreation and fun,
      designed to appeal to everyone."

      - Walt Disney

      "Disneyland is all about turning movies into rides."
      - Michael Eisner


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        I have very vague memories of pre TL67 but it was quieter and more cerebral. And my dad did pry my hands off the chain link fence. We went to DL about a month after TL67 opened and my mind was blown away (I was 6 ).
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          Then why did you have a TL67 photo?


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            Which TL67 photo? All the ones from post 2 are pre 67
            Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.


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              your photo


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                My photo is Tomorrowland 1993. My favorite TL is right after Space Mountain opened. Tomorrowland at it's best, the place was full of attractions.
                Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.


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         on the TV show Jeopardy they address that very question....tomorrowland was suppose to look like 1986 when it opened ....another answer in the same category , Riddley Scott Blade Runner was also an answer... got them both right.


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                    The reason why Tomorrowland pre-'67 whas so spectacular for it's day, is because of Walt's forward thinking. If only the current generation of decision makers could have 1/10 the talent of being forward thinking, TL could be upgraded to something spectacular. But that'll never happen as long as we have this current generation of "leaders"

                    Ray Bradbury says it best.



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                      I don't think the "Promenade" exhibit buildings did a whole lot in stirring people's imaginations ... as those exhibits were last minute fillers .. and didn't stick around long at all - But surely attractions like House of the Future, Rocket To The Moon, Monorail, Submarine Voyage did a lot (being a FIRST - Nobody experienced anything like that pre or outside of DL .... so, it was quite special. I was 2 years old when they wiped it all out to build TL67 ... so I unfortunately have no memory of it all. Fortunately there's plenty of video and pictures to get a sense of it.
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