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Help finding a Tex Tumbleweed song...


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  • Druggas
    You can find them on youtube.

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  • Undertrader
    started a topic Help finding a Tex Tumbleweed song...

    Help finding a Tex Tumbleweed song...

    My family were huge fans of the Big Thunder BBQ and loved the shows that Tex Tumbleweed and Ms. Chris put on. What I'm looking for is a recording of one of the songs Tex Tumbleweed performed live at the BBQ, which was a cover of Johnny Cash's "I've Been Everywhere", but he changed the lyrics to be all places in Disneyland. He performed this song every time we ate there, so I know it was a consistent part of his shows. I thought I had videoed this, but I can't find my video. If anyone has an mp3 of this song, or a video that you could post on YouTube or wherever, I would really appreciate it. It was a really clever and fun song that my family loved hearing. Totally miss the BBQ. It was the best food in the park by far.