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  • Tomorrowland WDW '94

    NOTE: Since i was only born in 2004, i have to use photos from sites like Yesterland, credit to the links in the corners.

    It all started when Mr. Mike Eisner wanted to "expand" and "improve" the "outdated" white Tomorrow-lands from 1967 and 1971 respectively. His first idea was a Euro Disney Clone that has an I-MAX Theatre where the Terrace (the one near Main St.) was at and tear down COP for a flying saucer which on paper sounds cool but this is THE LAST THING we have from Walt here at Disney World. After Euro became a failure, the Carousel was announced temporary closure and plans started to change, with the Carousel staying with a refurb and Alien Encounter/Timekeeper and a big Space Mountain refurb with a TV. This was mixed reviewed, people praised the Alien ride while parents... did the exact opposite, here is the art, folks.

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