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    Found an old slide I thought would be fun to share. This is from one of several camping trips at Vacationland, the campground just west of Disneyland. I'd gone down with my Dad (pictured coming out of our Starcraft Tent-Trailer) in early 1982. It was quite a nice, clean, and economical (less than $30/night?) place. Camped a few times in relative luxury of the trailer, and later, a friend and I "roughed it" by pitching a tent on a grassy area. It was always so neat to hear the Mark Twain whistle while cocooned in a sleeping bag. I recall the walk wasn't too long, although uninspiring. Actually, it's very nostalgic to remember the "boring" route along what used to be called West St. (now Disneyland Dr.) There were wide sidewalks, and we made our way to and from the Park via the auto exit from the old parking lot. I believe this would have been roughly where Tortilla Joe's now sits. Funny, I don't remember any crosswalks, but neither do I remember jaywalking across the street. I don't think we'd go all the way through the intersection of West St./Disneyland Dr. and Katella Ave., though. There wasn't much of a pedestrian "path" other than just a wide "shoulder" curving along the Park's heavily-shrubby south-west fence. I guess this would have been similar to the route made by the current parking lot trams. It was a fun (at least when I was a teen/early adult) way to stay near the Magic Kingdom. And it had a sort of magic all its own.
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