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Innoventions VIP Lounge?


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  • Innoventions VIP Lounge?

    I'm a bit of a Disneyland nooks-and-crannies obsessive. There's an area in the back of the Carousel building (Innoventions, Launch Bay, Expo Center; whatever you call it) that looks a little too nice to have been built for backstage purposes and it's referred to as VIP by cast.
    I'm fairly certain it must have been a lounge for guests, similar to the sponsor lounge at Autopia. I think it's probably from around 1998 with the opening of Innoventions though I suppose it could be from earlier. I suppose it was for the sponsers of the exhibits?

    Just wanted to see if anyone knows for sure and if anyone has photos from when it was open for guests. Please understand I cannot take photos of its current state, as it's now considered backstage.

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    I've only heard rumors about the VIP lounge but I've heard that it was put in during the initial construction of the Carousel of Progress. What it was used for is a mystery
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      MRaymond Wow! I hadn't realized it was original to the Carousel! Thanks so much for replying! In that case, I'm pretty sure it was updated and still used in the 90's. I don't know when it became backstage. Now I really want to find some pictures.


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        I don't believe it was ever open to the public, but was a carry-over from the Worlds Fair. It was a hide-a-way for VIP guests.
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          MRaymond of course, I wouldn't know for sure, but I'd say the restrooms look relatively new and too nice for cast. I mean we still have a lot of those restrooms from the same time period with minimal updates. When cast restrooms are updated, they're usually as plain as possible. The stalls look 90's to me with that 1998 copper theme. I think the rest of the lounge has been painted since then though.