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Carousel of Progress - 55 Years Young.


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  • Carousel of Progress - 55 Years Young.

    On April 22nd, 1964 Walt Disney's "Progressland" (Carousel of Progress) opened at the 1964/65 New York World's Fair.

    Based off of the never realized, Edison Square concept, Walt pitched the Show to General Electric Executives for the World's Fair and it was enthusiastically accepted.

    The genius of Walt and the people working for him, is that through sheer will power, many new technologies we're invented. Think about it. Who would have thought to put a 4 Act show in a carousel theater and then use robotics to tell the story? Talk about thinking out of the box.

    Yesterland covers CP here:
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    It really shows the talent of the Disney team. I love when they all put their heads and talents and hearts together and created a classic like this. A lot of today's audience sadly can't or won't appreciate it.


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      The Carousel of Progress reflects Walt Disney at his best, and has been one of my all-time favorite attractions since I was a kid over 4 decades ago. It's been one of the reasons I've travelled from Southern California to Walt Disney World. The CoP's idea that the world can improve because of (rather than in spite of) technology--that we can make innovations that better (rather than to damage) our Earth and better the lives of people by making us more free and helping us to have more fun is one of the most uplifting things I'm aware of. Thank you, Walt Disney. No wonder Steve Jobs was also so inspired by you.

      The Tron coaster might be a step up from Space Mountain, but the Peoplemover and CoP are just as important and wonderful to me.


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        Progress City , was so cool to see........
        Walt believed to be the perfect community in which to work, live, and play.”
        It was Icing of a cake to overall Attraction.........
        Another reason ,I miss
        Carousel of Progress!
        At Disneyland

        Soaring like an EAGLE !


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          Seen it the last two visits to WDW. Would see the original version.
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            I miss Carousel of Progress at Disneyland. I always make time to see it when at WDW. Same with the Peoplemover. Just a nice, relaxing way to spend some time.


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              All time favorite "ride." The Sherman Bros. tune was so awesome. The "Light Show" in the first act totally amazed me as a kid. Then the moving sidewalk to see "EPCOT" whole thing was an amazing experience. I made a model of that city out of cardboard and legos. The whole thing still inspires me in my design business today.


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