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Fort Wilderness Secret Passage?


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  • Fort Wilderness Secret Passage?

    Does anyone have any info on the secret passage that was at the fort back in the 50's & 60's and maybe the early 70's?
    Pictures would be nice.

    Thanks, Randy

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    Credit to Davelandweb

    "The secret tunnel from inside Fort Wilderness took guests to a hard-to-see crack in the rocks down by the water. The entrance was inside the fort behind a storage door on the right hand side towards the back. By the early 70’s, the sign was gone and the door closed but not locked, which made it more secret and way cooler for us kids. The cave entrance was also eventually sealed up. Later, they reopened the tunnel and enlarged the cave opening, but the tunnel was rerouted to the side of the fort instead of going up into the fort. When they reopened the tunnel with the new exit, it also had an enlarged opening down by the river so that adults could easily enter. This also revealed the opening to anyone walking by. There were stairs at the doorway shown in the photo below that led down into the secret tunnel. In the old days, the openings like you see here were much smaller and we used to yell at people walking along the water but they never could see us. The cave opening was very well concealed and was too narrow for most adults when originally created. Here my kids are listening to my old stories about the secret tunnel and they wished that it had never changed. You can see the back side of the fort where the reopened portion of the tunnel is today. If you go into the reopened part of the tunnel (if it’s still open, I haven’t been there since the fort was rebuilt) when you get to the end closer to the fort, the tunnel takes a hard right back outside and if you look left you can see the patch where the old tunnel was sealed up."

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      Thank you for the quick response. I knew where the door was, just wanted to show someone that it existed way back then.


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        Originally posted by Randy Keeling View Post
        Thank you for the quick response. I knew where the door was, just wanted to show someone that it existed way back then.
        I recall it as a kid myself !.........//
        and the passage way is/was very small - really fitted for little kids to use------
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          I miss Fort Wilderness
          when it was open to the guests !
          Soaring like an EAGLE !


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            Back when Tom Sawyer's Island used to be fun....

            We used the passage to go the wrong way from the river to the fort in order to "ditch" people and leave them on the island.


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