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Inspiration Lake at HKDL


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  • Inspiration Lake at HKDL

    Hi all,
    On my recent visit to HKDL Resort this past Monday (day after Charity day at the park)... I had the pleasure of exploring one of HKDL's least mentioned areas: Inspiration Lake Recreational Center.

    Just exactly what is Inspiration Lake? is supposed to be intended as an area for recreational activities in the outdoors, where guests can rent mini boats and go sailing, or explore the trail and Arboretum around the lake while engaging in such fitness activities as jogging or exercises of different sorts. It's also a place to take the kids and let them loose on the site's playground. This is also the place to take a stroll and relax, while letting the winds off nearby Hong Kong Bay hit your every sense. However... be awared this area is mostly an outdoors venue and you can get sun tanned rather quickly, so use sun block lotion or do as the locals do: pack a parasol and put it to good use.

    Anyways... come explore this tranquil area via photos and find out why they call this place "inspiration" lake.

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    Re: Inspiration Lake at HKDL

    Yummy! Wow, really pretty.

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      Re: Inspiration Lake at HKDL

      I love that rocky stream that flows down into the lake. How the landscped with those palm trees sprinkled throughout them as well was jsut incredible. They did an excellent job with the colors. I loved those ornate fictures that could be found everywhere-very classy and upscale looking.


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