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Disney's Rockin' New Year's Eve

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  • Trip Report Disney's Rockin' New Year's Eve

    In the absence of updates from our favorite fan page (get that degree done-I'm going through withdrawl), I've decided to post here tonight instead....

    I took the little one over to the park last night around 5-5:30 to ring in the new year with the mouse. This has become somewhat of a tradition and I don't see it going away any time soon. Heaven forbid I turn 60 and still have to go to Disney for New Years Eve. (But then, maybe that's not such a bad idea at least I'll know she's not out driving drunk or whatever other things kids get up to these days on New Years Eve)

    When we got to the park I thought it was pretty full but realized people were just lined up for the parade. We did a few turns on Jungle River Cruise with a walk on, and then had some dinner. Over to get red party hats and blowers. More JRC and Tarzan's tree house (don't go up there when it is cold and windy-you'll loose your ears). Next stop was Pooh ride with a 15 minute wait and the realization that the park wasn't so crowded after all.

    The blowers were a hit with the little one again this year and it was like mating season for duck callers. Every time she heard one in the distance she had to answer back. This year the CM's had blowers too, and there were times it turned into a dual of the horns. Much to my chagrin and the amusement of those around.

    We took in Small World, walked around a bit wishing well known cast members a Happy New Year, and then headed to Tomorrow Land for a spin on Autopia. I timed it right, and we did two drives while the fireworks were booming.

    When we got off we went to the dance floor only to find the music playing and no one around so we then took a walk over to the hub to see a band play (both the little one and I didn't like the singing) Back to Adventure land to take some photos with the characters. One look at those lines that snaked from the bridge over to the lion king show told us we didn't need yet another picture with Daisy and Donald. The other 3 lines were just as bad. So back to JRC. Walked on again!

    Time to see if anyone was dancing because they weren't the first time we walked through the two areas. Once again I was given strict orders not to even bounce to the music and we headed to tomorrow land. On the way the second blower broke and with tears in her eyes the little one went up to a CM and showed her the broken horn. Once again I have to hand it to the folks over there. They can't have a crying child at Disney, so we got another couple of bags so she could "have a spare".

    Now last year Disney brought in dancers from outside and celebrities to ring in the new year. This year, there were boxes up around the DJ booth (Like you'ld see in a club that I would never enter-but have seen on tv). On top of those boxes were the dancers from the parade. A bit of cost saving?!? It struck me as odd that there were a group of young men dancing in a circle (indian war dance comes to mind) around a man on a box. The women (on boxes) were left alone. Odd! Anyway, they were the only ones dancing as usual. The music was good, the little one was in front of me, and my body just started to move. I get it now, the circling men were trying to get people to dance! I was pulled on to the dance floor only to hear shouts of dispair coming from the little one "You're embarrasing me mom!" Being the not-so-cool mom anymore (when did that happen) I removed myself and was once again reminded to "stay behind me and don't dance". After a bit time spent of pointing out that these people were parade dancers, the little one took the floor with them, was lifted on a box and completely enjoyed about 30 minutes of dancing time. Then jump came on. Now being an over active youngster, she did just that....without thought for the Chocolate log and 2 hot chocolates she had consumed earlier. With a green face she asked to be let down, and came rushing over. You guessed it, next stop a bathroom so she could safely get sick and not be embarrassed in public again.

    Rough tummies need a break so we did a few loops on Buzz bang-bang and then headed back over to the dance floor once again. By this time it was 11:30 and I don't care what my little one said, she was tired. It was a hold me mommy time while I bounced around to "love shack", "respect", and a few more of those songs from "ancient times". We watched a conga line gone bad and then went and got a spot on the edge of the now filled up hub to watch the mouse bring in the new year. (Thank heavens for garbage cans and being well enough known in the park). The little one took a stand on top of one and a slightly taller than I CM and I held on to her so she could see all the characters in costume. We counted down from 4 in Cantonese (because we couldn't make out the first 6 numbers) and then jumped down and headed for the gate.

    That is when I reallized just how "busy" the park was. As in past years, Fantasy land and Adventure land were pretty dead (and this is where we spent most of the evening) But leaving the park, once the proverbial ball dropped, it was a mess. We got to the gates around 1 am. (That is a short walk from the hub so you can imagine the number of people in the park)

    On the train ride home I asked what the best part of the evening was. I wanted to cry when I got the answer "spending time with you mom" oh yeah, and you guessed it Jungle River Cruise. With a nice added on bit through very sleepy year, lets just get the hats and go home. Counting down isn't that special!

    Happy New Year all!

    Your favorite CS.
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    Re: Disney's Rockin' New Year's Eve

    FAB report!!

    Glad you had a great time.

    "Buzz Bang Bang". LOL!!!



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      Re: Disney's Rockin' New Year's Eve

      Pics will come tomorrow or later this evening after the battery charges. We went into Mickey's house for a picture during the parade, and the CM who helped mucked up the camera. Spent 10 minutes trying to fix it while Mickey entertained the Little one and I with hand signals (I did feel sorry for him) before the CM handed me the camera to fix. Anyway, that ment only a few pictures of the festivities and a dead battery by 9:30.

      And it has been Buzz bang-bang since she first went to the park. It's also Mickey eyes! And to make it even funnier, some of the CM's ask her if she's been on these two rides using her names for them.


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        Re: Disney's Rockin' New Year's Eve

        Sounds like lots of fun to me I visited HKDL on 29th-30th, just a day ahead of the countdown. My mom didn't know the "existence" of countdowns in Disneylands and asked me afterwards "why didn't we postphone our trip a day later". I guess I need to try that the coming year. Cheers! & Happy New Year!


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          Re: Disney's Rockin' New Year's Eve

          Great report! Cannot wait to see the pictures!

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