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  • [Question] shopping?

    hey all i have a question about the shops over at hkdl.

    i am looking to spend a few days there later this year.. december i hope and i was wondering if anyone had shopped there and could tell me like what they offer and what the cost of the items were.

    also if anyone had any pics from inside the stores they would be awesome to see.

    thanks in advance.

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    Re: shopping?

    HKDL and TDL/TDS has the best Disney stuff to offer.
    I bought a great keychain in thing in hkdl and many cellphone bling things... alot better than the ones you find on cheap market places.
    They sell everything from cloths, candy, charms, cups and mugs to hats. The same stuff like anywhere Disney but much nicer.

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      Re: shopping?

      Wow! nice pics... thanks!


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        Re: shopping?

        I have posted lots of photos from the HKDL shops as well, in my many HKDL photo reports. Sorry you have missed them.. However, I do have a little issue with HKDL's merchandise. They do have unique items and worth buying, but they also recycle a lot of the same stuff that is found at WDW/DL with the HKDL slapped on it. So, while some stuff is very unique to HKDL, some of it is not. Only Tokyo Disney offers totally different merchandise when compared to the other parks.


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          Re: shopping?

          If you still need pics, I have somne, HKDl is my favourite park!
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