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Hong Kong Disneyland Expansion Plan: What happened to "Glacier Bay" ?


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  • News Hong Kong Disneyland Expansion Plan: What happened to "Glacier Bay" ?

    Last Tuesday the WDC announced officially the awaited expansion plan for Hong Kong Disneyland. The least i can say is that the announcement provoked mixed reactions. Most of you think that Grizzly Trail and Mystic Manor looks "interesting" but it seems that almost everybody - including me - think that Toy Story Playland doesn't have its place in a Magic Kingdom.

    Now, let's think about all this objectively. As Honor Hunter of Blue Sky Disney explained it wisely yesterday we should not make our opinion only from the TSP rendering. I can admit that if we look at the rendering it may look not-that-great but i also trust WDI imagineers ability to create a good theming.

    For me, and even if i think that Toy Story Playland will fit well at Paris WDS but that it's a mistake for HK Magic KIngdom, the problem was also somewhere else. When i looked at the expansion map, i could not stop thinking: "How the hell are they going to do the transition between the Toy Story Playland theme and Mystic point, the next land?". Imagineers can do miracles, okay, but in this case, frankly, i don't know how they will achieve a smooth, logical transition... And the more i was thinking about this, the more i had the feeling that something went wrong somewhere .

    And it's at that point that i've received the email below from a HKDL super fan and Disney and more reader:

    "Dear Alain,

    it's never too late to save the HKDL's expansion project.

    From today's HK newspaper, it tells that during the negotiation process, WDC required the HK Government to share all the costs of designing and planning, which includes the WDI's brainstorming for the rides and attractions. And HK Government refused to pay for that cost until finalized. From the same source, the abandon plan Glacier Bay was mentioned. The Government met Jay Rasulo in April, 2009, a month after HKDL fired WDI (if you remember those news), which means there is no one worked for the expansion plan at that time.

    EDIT 7/3: In fact Disney NEVER intended to reduce production cost, they just wanted that the HKG could share the design cost! But HKG refused, and it seems that at that time Disney had already proposed 8 or 10 ideas to HKG. So Disney proposed the existing TSL plan after HKG banned Glacier Bay for the last time.

    "Because the HK government did not willing to pay the designing cost and WDC needed to save those costs, WDS’s finished plan, the Toy Story Playland was given to the government when they asked WDC to give more ideas other than Glacier Bay.

    More than that, according to the document of the plan, point 25 at page 5 ( it says that WDC will finalize the designing work for the expansion project after the agreement is approved by Legislative Council of Hong Kong at 8:30am 10th July 2009. (You may find that no timeline was given, because the deal has not made at this moment.) This means the designing work hasn't been finished yet. Everything still can be changed. Well, Even they won't cancel that Toy Story Land, at least, they can put more rides or a Toy Story Mania in that land.

    So, buddy! Hong Kong Disneyland needs your help now! You can pass your idea to the following e-mail. That person below is responsible for the expansion project. More opinions they get, the higher possibility they will alter their plan. Please....HKDL needs your help! Toy Story land cannot locate in Magic Kingdom Style Park!! And we don’t want any more clones here!

    BC Lo
    Hong Kong Disneyland

    Tasia Filippatos
    Walt Disney Parks and Resorts


    At first i thought: "Damn, the resistance is getting organized over there!" And then i saw these words: "Glacier Bay". ....Glacier Bay? What is this?

    Find out what would have been Glacier Bay, and more, in the full D&M article HERE:

    Disney and more: Hong Kong Disneyland Expansion Plan: What happened to "Glacier Bay" ?

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