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Hong Kong or Shanghai the Biggest Market for Disney?


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  • [Chat] Hong Kong or Shanghai the Biggest Market for Disney?

    HKDL will be expanding, thanks to the recent approved expansion plan jointly announced by HK Gov and WDC.

    And it is believed that Shanghai Disneyland is coming to reality soon, perhaps around 2014.

    But is Shanghai (Yangtze River Delta) the biggest market for Disney? and is Hong Kong doing the catching up to fend off competition from it's Mainland rival?

    According to the following article , The Pan Pearl River Delta is China's biggest economic region.

    The Pan-Pearl River Delta covers Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong, Hainan, Guizhou, Yunnan and Sichuan provinces, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Hong Kong and Macao. The region has a population of 457 million, or 34.8 percent of the country's total. It covers an area of 2 million square km, or 20.9 percent of the country's total land.

    The belly of the rooster is also the most productive and abundant part of China. In 2008, the total GDP of the eight provinces and Guangxi reached $1.59 trillion, accounting for 36.9 percent of the country's total.
    With a total population of 457 million, the Pan-Pearl River Delta is also the biggest market in China.
    Source : Alibaba

    in 2020 the Pearl River Delta area will be the most energetic economic zone in the world.
    Source : CCTV

    Fresh from key talks with senior officials across the Pearl River Delta, Tang said by 2020, improved road and rail networks - coupled with smoother immigration - may mean Hong Kong people could be better off living in Guangdong than staying put.

    He also believes that there will be no need for home-visit permits, with those on both sides using smart identity cards to travel.
    Source : Tang's 2020 Vision/The Standard News HK

    Market Integration: 100 million people for Hong Kong

    Source : Singtao News (in chinese only)

    translation (English Translation of the article)
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    Re: Hong Kong or Shanghai the Biggest Market for Disney?

    Both cities are very high economic centers for China. Hong Kong and Shanghai both draw lots of tourist and business people from around the world. I know always enjoy going to both cities, and never feel like I've seen as much as I want. However, Shanghai has a much higher population than Hong Kong (if you don't include surrounding cities), it is also more centrally located, thus being easier for the Mainland Chinese residents to go the the park. I know fairly recently (things may have changed) it wasn't the easiest thing for Mainland China residents to go back and forth between Hong Kong and Mainland China. I think an advantage of the Pearl River Delta may be a higher overall income, but China is a big place, people will visit the Shanghai park so they don't have to travel the entire country to get to Hong Kong. If the U.S. can support two Disney resorts, China should have even less of a problem.


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