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"Toy Story Land" will come first


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  • News "Toy Story Land" will come first

    香港迪士尼樂園將於下月中召開董事局會議,落實樂園擴建的各項細節。據了解,擴建計劃中三個新增主題區中, 一度被迪士尼迷「嫌棄」要求撤換的「反斗奇兵歷奇地帶」,反而會優先興建,主要為配合電影《反斗奇兵》第三 集明年推出,其餘兩個主題區「野礦山谷」及「迷離莊園」則隨後依次興建。

    迪士尼樂園及港府均希望樂園盡快興建第一個新主題區,考慮到工程興建的難度,並為了配合電影《反斗奇兵》第 三集明年推出,以及法國迪士尼樂園亦會興建反斗奇兵主題區等因素,「反斗奇兵歷奇地帶」成為三個新建主題區 先後興建次序中首選,並將於二○一二年落成。至於「迷離莊園」因為要興建大宅,工程需要時間較長,所以從「 愈快興建愈好」的考慮條件下,興建次序排最末。
    Source : Oriental Daily News (HK)

    Translation (Google) with some corrections:
    Hong Kong Disneyland will hold a Board meeting next month to implement the details of park expansion. From our understanding of the expansion of the planned three new theme area, they would give priority to "Toy Story Land"(although request was made from Disney Fans to have it replaced). "Toy Story Land" would be built first due to the upcoming movie "Toy Story 3", set to launch next year, and the remaining two themes area "Grizzly Trail" and "Mystic Point" will be built respectively in that order thereafter.

    Hong Kong Disneyland intends to put a once-off tender for all 3 lands,, the successful bidder by the same contractor is responsible for building the three thematic areas, conducive to efforts to lower the construction cost.

    Hong Kong Disneyland and HK Government would like to start construction for the 1st themed land as soon as possible by taking into account the difficulty of the construction works and in order to tie in with the movie "Toy Story" III next year, as well as another contributing factor that another Disney theme park in Paris will also get a similar "Toy Story Playland". "Toy Story Land" has been chosen to get built first and will be completed in 2012. Regarding "Mystic Point", it might take longer due to the construction of "Mystic Manor" (probably more details and complexity), as such "Mystic Point" will get built last.

    Sources indicated that, although the Legislative Council has approved funding the expansion of HKDL, but there are still some minor procedures to deal with procedural matters relating to the extension should also be adopted by the Park Board of Directors, the Board of Directors in a meeting scheduled for next month, and then it would tender as soon as possible.

    To recruit 30 imagineers
    In addition, 30 former imagineers(those who were let go some time earlier this year) will be hired by HKDL. They are also looking for those imagineers who previously worked on the construction of HKDL from the start.

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    Re: "Toy Story Land" will come first

    HKDL is no way going to attract extra visitors by adding this land... and by 2012!!! that's when Ocean Park's expansion/redevelopment completes! (sorta)


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      Re: "Toy Story Land" will come first

      Disney is trying to hype Toy Story 3 movie with Toy Story Land which is the first to be built. I wouldn't expect too much quality for attractions in this land.


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        Re: "Toy Story Land" will come first

        I wouldn't be surprised that Toy Story 4 is in the pipeline (of course it depends how successful Toy Story 3 will be next year)


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          Re: "Toy Story Land" will come first

          John Lasseter and company claimed
          that Toy Story 3 will be the final
          film for the franchise.

          Even if the film is a huge sucess, which
          no doubt it will be, the film franchise will not
          be continued.


          • #6
            not a promotional tie-in. This is more about building TS Land in both HKDL and WDSP at the same time in order to consolidate resources and save Disney Dollars.

            The real bummer of the story is that Mystic Point is being constructed last. Last? The one true creative E-Ticket to come along in years is being built last. How far will that project be pushed out? If the same contractor is building all three lands, it sounds as if only one land will be constructed at a time. Two years for TS Land, two years for Grizzly Trail, and two years for Mystic Point. So... Mystic Manor will not open until 2016 at the earliest? Seven years from now? Even after Shanghai Disneyland opens?


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              Re: "Toy Story Land" will come first

              Hope for HKDL's sake that these dates are not accurate.

              So for three more years...nothing.

              Then...(queue the trumpets)...three carny rides.
              Down with the Hat


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                Re: "Toy Story Land" will come first

                It makes sense that Toy Story Land will be the first to open, as its a land filled with Toy Story themed carny rides that will take only months to build.

                HKDL is no way going to attract extra visitors by adding this land... and by 2012!!! that's when Ocean Park's expansion/redevelopment completes!
                I agree, but I don't think Disney are looking at this land as an attendance driver, but more as a quick fix to add much needed capacity to the park. From my experience most people leave the park during the afternoon, leaving several hours before park closing where there could be spending more money on merchandise and food. Adding Toy Story Land will increase the time the average Guest spends in the park which will improve the overall profit.
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                  Re: "Toy Story Land" will come first

                  Originally posted by BlueSkyDriveBy View Post
                  The real bummer of the story is that Mystic Point is being constructed last. Last? The one true creative E-Ticket to come along in years is being built last.
                  Of course it is...this makes total sense. Mystic Point, without any of the other lands being completed, would be a miserable and total dead end, and truly show how the deviation from the Original Hub & Spoke concept doesn't work. At least with the other two lands, while you may have to back track to get out, it is no different than isn't extreme. But if you had to go through two lands and then back track to get out...that would be major confusion and far too poor of a layout for a Disney park. Even if temporary.

                  And while the TDL/DL Critter Country might require this those cases the guests are NOT going beyond the train tracks, through two lands and then back tracking. Those might not be ideal either...but it Mystic Point seems too extreme for this.

                  While I agree Mystic Manor (the good looking ride) shouldn't be makes sense that the middle land is last.


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                    Re: "Toy Story Land" will come first

                    Cars Land Isn't Opening Up Till 2012, So I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't open up till 2013.

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                      Re: "Toy Story Land" will come first

                      Toy Story is a new type of genre that Disney has created over the past 15 years, the "Forced Classic" genre. They play the film on ABC, sell endless toys, build theme park attractions in every park, send the characters out every few seconds, and generally shove this stuff down people's throats until they feel it's a "classic". The film is okay, it was *definitely* groundbreaking at the time, but it doesn't deserve an entire land, and SO many other attractions at every Disney park.


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                        Re: "Toy Story Land" will come first

                        The only thing i can say is:*******
                        The concept is just saying mini Disney California Adventure.


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                          Re: "Toy Story Land" will come first

                          I bust out laughing when I saw the photo of the conceptual art that they placed above the Roundup link. That ride in the background, of the RC Car meets "Superman: The Escape", was EXACTLY what my friend and I cooked up after we saw the original Toy Story movie over a decade ago and started thinking of possible Toy Story-themed rides they could incorporate into a Disney theme park. We even titled it "Toy Story: Turbo Track". I've already got my team of high-priced lawyers assembled and if they have the nerve to steal the name, too, I'm giving the attack signal.


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